Features of a Good UI (User Interface)

 Features of a Good  UI (User Interface) 

What a great user interface is, and what makes it that way, is a little abstract. There are a lot of components to an exemplary user interface — 

things like ease of use, aesthetics, and self-explanatory navigation need to be present to create a great user experience.

Designing an excellent user interface (UI) for your product is different from designing a great product. 

You need to consider both the functional and emotional aspects of a design to ensure that it is intuitive, attractive, and easy to use.

Trying to get your point across in fewer than five seconds of someone's time is no easy task, but if you can accomplish it, you're well on your way to creating an effective UI (user interface).

The following tips will help you make that happen:

>> Focus on what people are actually looking for! A home page is not the place to show off every single product or service you offer. Focus on the one that will help drive users to your main sales or conversion goal.

>>Use your top navigation to create a visual hierarchy! The path users take through a website will be different for each person, so use the top navigation bar to provide clear directions for users to follow. This can be done by using color, font size, and more.

>>Keep it simple! The best user interfaces don't try too hard — keep things clean and simple by using visual cues instead of text-heavy blocks of information.

>>Make it responsive! If your application is accessible across all kinds of devices, make sure it’s responsive and adapt to the targeted device. 

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