What Is Phone Phishing ? with example

What Is Phone Phishing ? with example 

Phone phishing, also known as a telephone scam or vishing (voice phishing), refers to the practice of using fraudulent and malicious phone calls to extort money or sensitive information from victims. 

Phone phishing involves attackers impersonating trusted institutions or parties for personal gains.

Attackers would often call unsuspecting victims, offering them extended warranty on products, services, antivirus software, charity donations, or even free vacations.

 They then proceed to ask for victims’ credit card numbers and other financial information.

Hackers may rely on fear tactics and threats to force people into giving them money. 

They commonly prey on the most vulnerable types of people such as immigrants, threatening them with arrests, fines, or even deportation if they do not pay taxes or a solicited amount of money. 

Phone phishing scams may also involve ultimatums or urgent warning messages to intimidate victims into responding spontaneously. 

In 2018, phone phishing schemes have accounted for more than $48 million in losses in the US alone.

 Unfortunately, the practice is still on the rise even today, which is why people must get informed on common phishing tactics to prevent falling prey to future attacks.

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