What is Supply Chain Management Module in NetSuite ERP ? with example

 What is Supply Chain Management Module in NetSuite ERP ?

What is Supply Chain Module 

A manufacturer / wholesale distributor has two critical business assets: inventory and accounts receivable. Each asset translates directly into money earned —or money lost — in this highly competitive industry. 

That’s why the more accurate inventory information you have at your fingertips, the better positioned your company is to improve turn-around time, save money, and satisfy customers. 

NetSuite gives companies the visibility they need to track inventory effectively: where it is, where it has been, and where it is headed. As a result, purchasing managers can use that data to make better, more informed buying decisions. 

More importantly, your company will hold only the inventory it needs — no more and no less.

NetSuite bin management capabilities improve inventory management in the warehouse. Bin management allows for inventory to be received at the warehouse and put-away into preferred bins within the rack system of the warehouse for easy picking later during the order fulfillment process. 

Additionally, with real-time inventory status, your employees can track any piece of data that impacts inventory, such as sales orders, transactions, quotes, adjustments and accounts payable, dramatically improving visibility and sharpening competitive edge.

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