Best 70+ [ Etsy Digital Product Ideas to Earn Passive Income ] by selling online to make money | Etsy printables business example

Best 70+ [ Etsy Digital Product Ideas to Earn Passive Income ] by selling online to make money |Etsy digital product business & How to sell digital products on Etsy printables business example 

Cover Image of Best 70+ [ Etsy Digital Product Ideas to Earn Passive Income ] by selling online to make money | Etsy printables business example
Cover Image of Best 70+ [ Etsy Digital Product Ideas to Earn Passive Income ] by selling online to make money | Etsy printables business example 

 I’m sharing 70+ digital product examples to help you get started with selling Etsy digital products for passive income! Start your digital product business the right way by knowing what digital products to sell online and getting the best Etsy passive income ideas! If you want to know how to make passive income on Etsy and learn the best digital downloads to sell on Etsy, this video is for you. Etsy digital products, Etsy digital products,  best digital products to sell on Etsy,  digital products to sell online,  Etsy digital product ideas,  digital product business how to sell digital products online digital product examples best digital products to sell digital product ideas that make money best digital downloads on Etsy  Etsy digital download business.

 Etsy printables business  how to make passive income on Etsy  Etsy passive income ideas best-selling printables on Etsy

 Etsy ideas for Passive Income   

- Sell themes for websites

- Premium plugins

- Music

- Software

- Video

- Pictures

Sell a physical product online —You can sell a product on Amazon, Shopify, eBay, Etsy, etc.

Sell a digital product online — You can sell a digital product such as an e-book, an online course, a song, etc.

Affiliate marketing — Promote someone else’s product and take a cut every time someone buys

Sell Advertising — Create an audience on either social media, email, etc. and sell “shoutouts” or advertising to businesses.

Sell a service online — There is a rise in “digital coaches” that prospect leads online and coach via Skype or other related services.

Although profit margins are not that great these most common digital are ideal starting points for beginners:

Graphic Designs


Stock photos

Editable PDF’s

Website Templates

Website Graphics

Once you get the feel for selling digital products online it will be possible to expand your skills to better-paying options such as:

  • eBooks
  • Scripts and APIs
  • Web Development
  • Video Overlays
  • Online training courses
  • Cosmetic Labels
  • Thank You Cards
  • Printable Planners
  • Digital Planners
  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Etsy Shop Assets
  • Social Media Templates
  • Printable Cards (Birthday, Invitations)
  • Self Improvement Printables
  • Wedding Printable
  • Event Printable
  • Cafe/Restaurant Printable
  • Children Learning Materials
  • Ebooks And Guides
  • Workbooks
  • Lightroom Photo Presets
  • Phone Wallpapers
  • Ios Icon Pack
  • Wall Art

Best-selling product list on Etsy

1) Home and Living Products

2) Jewelry Product

3) Clothing Product

4) Toys and Games Product

5) Craft Supplies and Tools Product

6) Kids and Baby Product

So let’s get started with many Etsy digital product ideas and some of the best-selling printables on Etsy. I’m so excited for you and your Etsy digital download business!

value-packed article for you today we're going over not 10 not 50 but 75 Etsy digital product ideas that earn passive income

Business Online doing the things you love and that you're passionate about so if you're interested in that be sure to

stay tuned for more content just like this I figured if I shared this many digital product ideas in one article

you'll be inspired by at least one or more of them to get started now this is

not an exhaustive list there are literally so many other

 products you can create but these are specific ones

that I did research on to make sure that they're selling really

 well on Etsy I'm breaking this up into categories so it's

easier for you to navigate through and I'm also sharing a

 a platform that will help you make more sales as an Etsy

the seller 

for you today the 

the first category is wedding digital products the

 the wedding industry is huge and it's only growing

every single year so this is a very profitable Niche for you to get

 into if you're thinking about it so I do

recommend that you create wedding invitation templates

 because then this will be passive income because what

would happen is you create the template and then your

 customers would purchase and they're able to edit it for

themselves so they can change the names they can change the

 date the address and

things like that now if you're not aware of canva this is where I

 highly recommend you create the templates you

do need the pro account and I also have a

the whole article on how you can create templates in general so

 but canva is really

easy to use it's drag and drop there's a lot of features you can

 use for free and you can also add in your own graphics

and text and fonts that you have a commercial license to so

 when I do research on Etsy I'm noticing that a lot

of the popular styles are with the greenery the florals even

 minimalist style that include an RSVP card and a

details card as well along with wedding invitations you can

 create wedding welcome signs as well these are very

very easy to create you can see the most popular

 ones are very minimal type of

styles and all you would really need is to have maybe 

like a nice quote and then

have their name where they can edit you can

 choose how you want to style it you

can create so many types of welcome signs

 very quickly and add them to your

the shop I love to browse through Etsy just to kind of get some

 ideas and inspiration on what's doing well I take

a look at Best Sellers and what is ranking on the first page of

 Etsy because these are obviously the popular

ones that are making a lot of sales now you can't have a

 wedding without seating charts and this is also 

a great template

that you can sell as well again very minimalist Styles maybe some with

Greenery as well and of course, you can get creative and try

 many different styles and just see what people are

gravitating towards to give you an idea this seating chart is a

 minimalist seating chart it's very easy to create

it ranks on the first page and this shop has over 3 000 reviews

 which means it's

gotten way more sales than that so you can see this Niche

 is very very profitable now, of course, we can't forget

wedding menus this is another idea for you if you are getting

 into the wedding industry, you can also add a wedding

menus into your shop and get creative with the styles

 that you want to include

in your shop have fun with different types of fonts 

I tend to purchase my fonts from a creative market so I do

have a link to join for free in the description box below 

I find that they have really really nice script fonts

that you're able to use for a commercial license once you

 purchase it once next idea is table numbers I actually used to

be a wedding stationery artist and my first Etsy Shop was a

 wedding stationery shop and table numbers was one of the

products that I was selling again they're very very easy to

 create you can see a lot of them are just very very

simple they just have table with the number and then

 maybethey'll add in a little bit of information at the bottom

you don't have to sell table numbers as a template if you don't

 want to you can actually just create the table numbers

maybe you could go one to ten or even 1 to 20 for bigger

 weddings and just sell

them as PDF files so you can even do that on 

a Microsoft Word if you want to

The next one is wedding favor tags this was one of the products that I enjoyed the

most when I was creating wedding stationery because they're

 just so cute and fun and you get to be really really

creative with them and just like table numbers you can either

 make these a template or just sell them in like a PDF

file so you can have maybe like 9 or 12 thank you tags 

on one sheet like a

the digital sheet where people will just print them out and cut

 them out themselves idea number seven is the wedding

programs so this is just basically what the guests can expect at

 the wedding whether it's a ceremony or the reception

what I did notice when I did research on this on some of the

 Etsy research tools

I did notice that wedding programs they're actually high in

 demand and there's not that much competition

compared to a lot of other digital products so as

 an Etsy seller you do

want to aim for products that have less competition so that

 you're able to rank easier on Etsy and make more sales

finally under this category is wedding infographics 

they're just

 so creative and they're so much fun it's basically

something that the guests will receive at the wedding there's a

 a lot of graphics and text that are just like fun facts

about the bride and groom similar to wedding programs

 these have less competition based on my research and a

little Pro tip if you ever want to see the competition you can

 always scroll to the top and just look at the results this just

 tells you how many other

listings are using this specific keyword it's just under 2 000

 that's not much so

there are not that many listings that you would

 have to compete with if you're using this keyword and if you're

creating wedding infographics next category is business 

digital products you can create a business plan

templates for small business owners that want to start

 planning out how much money they want 

to make their goals

are you can get some inspiration on what other

 shop owners are doing I've just clicked on a real estate one as an

example so this is getting a little bit more 

specific and you can just click on the images to see what 

they're including

in their package to give you some ideas and inspiration on 

what you can include in your own package you can create

bookkeeping spreadsheets 

are very high on demand on Etsy because we are

not accountants typically so we need a lot of help with this now there are a lot of different ways that you can

create it but I would recommend if you have a Google account you can share Google Sheets and this is free to share

as a template so this is a great idea and an example that I found this is bookkeeping spreadsheets using just

Google Sheets, you can share it with anybody and it's a great way for small businesses to track their income their

expenses and their profits social media is big for any business 

so Instagram

a template would be very very helpful for anyone 

that just doesn't have the time

to create their own posts stories and highlights from scratch I would

recommend for any social media templates is that they are branded you'll notice that all of these have very specific

colors so whether it's all pink and white blue and white because keep in mind that businesses want to have a very

specific and identified brand and they don't want to have to change a lot of things within their template they want

to just be able to change a little bit of the information and everything is already color-coded and ready to go for

them next is email marketing templates every business should have an email list

email marketing is one of the most important strategies that actually helps businesses make sales and a lot of them

don't really have time to Brand their own emails they might not be the best with writing and if this is your

expertise then you can create a bundle of email marketing templates that they could just use for their own purposes so

you'll see this would save business owners a lot of time if you create these for them to just drag and drop their own

information and images ebook templates is another great product that you can create for business owners that want to

monetize their expertise in the form of an ebook personally I'll be creating an

ebook very very soon of course I can create one from scratch but I could also spend you know seven dollars or ten

dollars on one of these that will save me a lot of time all right next business a digital product idea is webinar slides

these are so helpful especially for coaches that are selling courses or they

are doing master classes and they need a slide deck and a themed webinar slide

bundle for their presentation this way they don't have to create it all from scratch you've already created a bundle

of slides for them that they could just drag and drop their information finally under this category thank you card

template these are super cute and fun and just a creative product that you can

get into almost every handmade business that I have purchased from includes a thank you card because it's just a nice

Personal Touch you can take a look on Etsy to see some best sellers and which styles are selling the best business

owners can work with the template to change the colors upload their logo their website and anything else they

want to include in a thank you card moving on to the next category which is wall print digital products the first

one I want to talk about is quote prints if you're really clever with coming up with funny quotes or even motivational

quotes this might be the niche for you they're very easy and quick to create in

any graphic design platform of your choice you can either create your own fonts or buy fonts from platforms like

creative Fabrica and creative Market to use commercially in your products to

give you an idea of a simple quote print I created this using playset which I I will show you exactly how to use if you

want to sell printable wall art digital product idea number 17 is photograph prints now I just typed in landscape

photography printable wall art but it does not have to be just landscape it could be cityscapes it could be

photographs of people animals whatever it may be I just wanted to get a little bit specific to give you an idea if you

are a photographer and you love taking photos on a day-to-day basis you can upload them onto Etsy and sell them as

digital prints are really popular you can see this shop has over 1 000 reviews which again means they have many

more sales than that kid's playroom Prince is another super fun and creative

product to create I noticed a lot of educational prints a lot of posters with

motivational quotes for kids the alphabet and things like that very very

easy to create and upload to Etsy now if you are not a graphic designer you don't have to create all of this from scratch

you can easily go onto a platform like creative market and type in the search bar what types of Graphics you're

thinking of using so I typed in watercolor animals and you can purchase any one of these packages and use them

in your digital products as a commercial license but of course if you are a graphic designer you can create these

from scratch speaking of graphic designers the next idea is graphic prints that's the best way I could

describe this one it could be abstract printable wall art it could be boho printable wall art basically this idea

would require you to create all of these Graphics from scratch so maybe you are

using Adobe Illustrator or photoshop or procreate you can create your own shapes

lines colors and monetize your skill in this fun and creative way now if you are

a designer but you do prefer minimal prints those are also high on demand as well so you can do kind of like one line

art prints so you could do sort of Botanical line art art faces trees so

many ideas for you here before we move on to the next category of digital products I want to show you how to use

placeit to create beautiful mock-ups of your digital products and also how you

can create wall prints if that's a product that you're thinking of selling placeit is full of beautiful mock-ups

that you can use for your digital downloads like wall art they have social media templates that you can use for

Instagram and so much more they do have free templates that you can use so these are completely free of charge so feel

free to browse through these and use them for your business for all other graphics and templates that aren't free

you can choose to download them with a one-time fee or you can pay a low monthly or annual subscription to have

unlimited access to all their graphics and templates so I want to show you a couple of ways that I love to use

playset I love using their mock-ups so I would go into mock-ups up here go into print and click on posters here you can

pick any of these beautiful mock-ups to use in your shop up and just upload your design directly on it so this is the

example I'm going to use here since we've talked about some wedding stationery and let's say you are designing welcome signs or seating

charts you can go into insert image right over here I'm going to go to upload from device and I'm just going to

upload this welcome sign that I've already designed and that looks beautiful and I'm going to click on download right away it's going to give

you an option of whether you want to buy the mock-up or you can sign up for their subscription but if you use my link

below you will get 15 off any of these options that you choose the annual option will give you the biggest

discount and that does include an unlimited access to all of their designs templates and graphics with a commercial

license if you want to create printable wall art I would go into design apparel and print go into posters you can browse

through all of their templates and just see what they have you can also go into some of these tags if you want to get a

little more specific or you can even go to the search bar and type in what you're thinking of so let's say I want to create printable while our that

involves girl power so I already love this mock-up I'm going to click on this and work with it just to show you how

easy it is to customize it for yourself so like I mentioned if I have a

subscription I have a commercial license to this already I can use all the clip art that they are giving me here if I

want to change this clip art I can go in here and I can just type in something I'm thinking of so let's say I want to put in Hearts if I want to change this

into a heart I can change the graphic I already like what it looks like but I just wanted to show you that and then if

I want to change the background color I can also do that let's do like a soft pink and I can change the text and the

font if I want to so under power I'm actually going to put this as girl and

let's change all of this okay that looks good if I want to change

the font I could just literally click on the text over here and change the font over here if I want to and I can also change

the colors of the fonts as well so you can see this is super customizable this Watermark will go away once I download

it so when you hit download you'll be able to download it directly and place it and it will also send it to your

email, where you'll be able to download either a PNG or a PDF file what I love about their platform, is under their

frequently asked questions they have a bunch of tutorials that actually walk you through how to use all of their

features make sure to use the link below to sign up for free and start browsing through their features today you might

be interested in the next category crafts digital product if you like to sew and you've created patterns for

yourself for the garments you have sewed together then maybe you can share those patterns with other people so you can

create patterns for Tops skirts dresses whatever you feel comfortable with and

whatever you have created you can literally scan it and just sell them as PDF files for customers to purchase and

then they'll be able to sew their own garments using your patterns while we're at it if you love quilting then maybe

quilting patterns is for you you can sell PDF instructions on how to create

your quilt design and let customers know how much fabric the size of the quilt

and just step-by-step directions on how to actually complete the project maybe digital paper is the product that you'll

have fun creating I've actually purchased digital paper in the past for commercial use but you can choose

whether you want to sell for personal or commercial if you're a graphic designer and you love to create your own shapes

lines colors then you'll definitely be really good at creating a digital paper if you want to get really crafty

printable Journal kits are a huge hit on Etsy I noticed a lot of shops are making

a lot of sales with these basically it's perfect for customers that are putting together a journal and they want to

purchase whether it's digital paper or Graphics or quotes that they want to include in their Journal so you can take

a look at other listings to get inspiration on what they're including they're including beautiful Graphics

they're including some quotes this was another example I found it's literally a bunch of quotes in different colors and

it's great to just take a look at how customers are using the products to get inspiration on what you want to create

for your customers another fun craft is printable paper animals this could be a

fun activity for kids where you would create all the shapes of a few animals and instructions on how to cut these out

and put them together you can sell these as PDF sheets this is also a product that is really high on demand on Etsy

and a super fun and cute digital download that you can create in your shop if you are specifically catering

towards kids and parents that are looking for fun activities to do with their kids on that note you can create

printable paper flowers this would be do it yourself paper flowers or your customers would purchase cut them out

and then put them together a lot of people like to decorate let's say parties or even rooms in their home with

paper flowers I would think of maybe like a nursery with some paper flowers over the crib or something like that and

have instructions on exactly how to cut everything out and put it all together while we're on the topic of kids let's

get into kids games and activities digital products the first idea I have

for you is printable alphabet worksheets these are really really good educational

products for kids they're able to trace out the letters they can color in the

letters there are some really cute examples where they're focusing on individual letters where they can trace

and they can also color in the object or the animal on the top right here that

fits the letter on the sheet a great game would be printable charade cards who doesn't love charades I absolutely

love playing these you can create these Graphics from scratch if you are using a

graphic design software or you can purchase clip art with a commercial license that you can include on these

cards and just add in the words that describe the action that the kids have to act out you might enjoy creating

printable family trivia games these are also super fun you can create ones that

are kind of like a Family Feud style you can create themed ones you can see there are some fall some Halloween family

trivia you can get into movie night trivia it's just a really fun product to offer to families that love having game

nights road trip printable activities is next this is a great product on Etsy

right now and you can see from the results there is very low competition for this so a great one to get into

right now you can create a bundle of activities for the kids to go through when the family goes on a long road trip

because you know the kids are going to constantly be asking if they are there yet you can do scavenger hunts word

searches and any activities that are just going to keep the kids busy on that long road trip color matching activity

is another product for kids that is very low and competition right now on Etsy

this is also a really cute one where you can just create a sheet with all the colors and then the cutouts to match

everything too this is a cute crayon color-matching idea you could do something similar to this or a different

type of product like cars or animals or anything you think you would enjoy creating last activity under this

category would be responsibility chore charts how great would it be to start training those kids to do chores right

away but not only that to actually enjoy doing it not only is this low in

competition on Etsy as well but some shops are making so many sales on simple

responsibility chore charts like this one it's so cute with all of these different colors and such a clever way

to have the kids actually enjoy completing their chores

 Every Single Day coloring digital products is the next

category digital product idea 33 adult coloring

 pages you can create a bundle

of printable sheets for adults to print out and color

 it's a very relaxing and

therapeutic activity for adults so if that's something you're passionate about and you want to use your artistic

ability this might be the product for you now of course kids also love coloring right so kids coloring pages is

another idea if you're already creating adult coloring pages a lot of the ones I found that were really popular are of

animals fruits and of the specific Seasons so I'm recording this now around

Halloween time so there's a lot of trick-or-treat and Halloween coloring sheets for kids so you can offer a

bundle of printable coloring sheets for kids based on what objects you like designing coloring placemats is a great

product on Etsy right now because not only is competition very low but there are a lot of shops that are making many

sales and getting amazing reviews on these you'll notice these are very popular for birthday parties and

baptisms because if the kids are getting bored they can just sit at their chair and start doodling and coloring these

placemats in Coloring bookmarks is a great product to add to your shop if you are adding coloring digital products

because you might as well use the objects that you have already designed and then just place them on the

dimensions of a bookmark and you can go as complex or as simple as you want on

these designs coloring birthday cards is one that I absolutely love because this is a great way for people to customize

birthday cards for the people they're giving it to rather than just buying generic birthday cards so they can

customize it with their colors and maybe write something inside these objects that's personalized for the one that's

receiving these last digital product idea within this category is coloring calendars you can offer a bundle of all

12 months within the listing and have a different image for each month this is another great product to allow the

customers to customize for themselves rather than them just purchasing a generic calendar from the store next

category is a super fun one party digital products if you love to plan parties this is definitely for you let's

start with printable greeting cards these are people that are attending the party of course you can offer all types

of greeting cards like happy birthday Christmas cards congratulations cards and these are typically very funny

they're creative they're sentimental a lot of customers come onto Etsy to purchase greeting cards whether it's

digital or physical because they're unique they're not designs that you would just find at a local mall you can

offer them in multiple sizes but I do notice that the most common size is a 5x7 which is the standard size of a card

or a four by six as well printable props are super popular to have at themed

parties whether it's a Halloween party a bachelorette party a birthday party usually it's for photo booths or simply

for guests to just take pictures with so you can create a bundle of themed props

for every type of party digital product idea 41 printable

 banners, you can either

create a sign that is customizable so you can sell it as a template or you can

offer individual letters where the customer will just print it out and cut it out individually I would personally

make this customizable as a template because a lot of people want to customize the name or the type of party

that they're throwing you can create printable party games while you're at it if this is the niche you want to get

into a lot of the games I found that are specifically doing really well are baby shower games and bridal shower games so

these are very very easy to create you can see that all you really need is some text and some lines that the guests can

fill out there's bingo games he said she said and a lot of typical games that are

selling really really well because that's what people are usually looking for next idea printable party

decorations this could be a variety of decorations and you can offer a bundle

of all types of decorations so it's kind of like a One-Stop shop you'll see there might be props there might be banners

this is a great example people this one is offering a banner with favor tags a cake topper straw Flags so someone can

just purchase this digital file from you and have everything they need for their party decor to get a little specific

with Decor you can do printable party hats and yes you can definitely buy physical party hats at the store but

similar to all of these other ideas you won't find very unique ones unless you go to a handmade place like Etsy and

that's why these are super popular you can get complex with the designer you can go very simple with the design and

you can include a set of instructions on how to cut and assemble your party hats I mean the fact that this store has over

400 000 sales is proof enough that these products are high on demand on Etsy so

great product for you to get into finally in this category printable food labels usually you'll see at parties

there are food labels beside every dish that's being served I would offer these

as printable templates because of course people will want to customize the food

labels for themselves based on what they are serving moving on to the next category which is one of my personal

favorites self-care digital products I offer a few printable self-care products

in my shop and one of them is motivational and positive affirmation cards this could include spiritual and

religious cards if that's something you also want to offer you can offer a bundle of 40 50 or 60 printable

affirmation cards each one would have a different quote you can see that a lot of the popular ones are just very very

basic White cards with black text and nice fonts some of them have watercolor

some of them have Botanical florals this is great for kids and adults as well

digital product idea 47 self-care planners and checklists you can create these sheets very easily in many

different platforms depending on whichever one you're comfortable creating and you'll notice that the more

more simple ones are the more popular ones like this best seller is a beautiful simple self-care checklist

that's offered in a couple of different sizes and it's a great way to help your customers stay on track with their

self-care goals loving the next digital product idea mental health stickers

similar to positive affirmations and motivational quotes you can offer

beautiful colorful quotes with beautiful images that your customers can purchase and print on sticker paper and then they

can individually cut them out they can stick them on their laptop their water bottle their notebook or again wherever

they can see it every day to help them stay positive on days that they are feeling very down so I just think this

is a very precious and beautiful product to offer in your store if this is the niche you're going for anxiety

worksheets will be a great digital product to also include in your self-care shop offer a bundle of

worksheets for kids teens or adults you can include activities that will help

them manage and understand their anxiety help them work through their anxiety and

offer coping mechanisms to help them throughout their day gratitude Journal is a digital product that I found to be

high on demand in low competition when I did research using some Etsy research tools gratitude is a great Habit to

implement in your day-to-day life if you are really trying to prioritize self-care you can offer bundles of

digital sheets that will allow people to focus on day-to-day gratitude include gratitude prompts and they're also very

very easy to create and just offer as PDF instant downloads for people to just print out and fill them out every day

kids lunchbox notes is such a cute self-care digital product to offer it's

low in competition and a lot of shop owners are doing really really well similar to positive affirmation cards

these would be cute and colorful positive quotes that parents can can print out and cut out individually to

include in lunch boxes for their kids so that when they open it up at school they will have this positive quote to a read

as well idea 52 and the last one within this category is mood trackers this is a

great self-care printable that allows your customers to track their moods every day and maybe notice patterns on

how they're feeling on a day-to-day basis there's many different ways that you can create your mood trackers get

some inspiration from some star Sellers and best sellers on Etsy to see what

kind of styles customers are gravitating more towards next category branding

digital products if you love branding or you have designed brands for other

people this would be a great Niche for you so first idea is a mood board template a mood board is basically a

collection of images colors text that presents a specific style and a concept

so this could be used by brands that just want to use it for their own purpose in order to get clear on their

branded Direction and color palette or it could also be used by them for client projects so let's say a wedding planner

purchases your mood board template they can use your template to swap in photos

and colors for their clients in order to demonstrate how they're going to design their weddings digital product idea

number 54 Etsy Shop template kit if you are an Etsy seller and you feel like you have a

really good grasp on branding and you're comfortable helping other new Etsy sellers this would be a great product to

offer a super high on demand because there are new Etsy sellers opening up their shops every single day browse

through multiple listings to see what you can include in your bundle because honestly there are so many templates you

can offer you can offer shop banners receipt banners shop icons and even

order forms thank you cards coupon codes truly you can offer an all-in-one one

bundle that new Etsy sellers will love you for next website theme template this

would be great if you are a website designer or you've already designed a website for yourself whether it's been

on Shopify Squarespace Wix or anywhere really one of the most popular ones I

would say is Shopify themes it can be really stressful for new business owners to design their own website from scratch

so these templates would be really really helpful for them to 

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