SIN CITY, CHILDREN OF MEN, AND THE BOURNE IDENTITY famous movies [ Lead Actor Clive Owen ] 15+ Interesting Facts and Personal Quotes from his life journey with the Net Worth of $ 30 million

 SIN CITY, CHILDREN OF MEN, AND THE BOURNE IDENTITY famous movies [ Lead Actor Clive Owen ]15+ Interesting Facts and Personal Quotes from his life journey with the Net Worth of $ 30 million

Cover Image of SIN CITY, CHILDREN OF MEN, AND THE BOURNE IDENTITY famous movies [ Lead Actor Clive Owen ] 15+ Interesting Facts and Personal Quotes from his life journey with the Net Worth of $ 30 million
Cover Image of SIN CITY, CHILDREN OF MEN, AND THE BOURNE IDENTITY famous movies [ Lead Actor Clive Owen ] 15+ Interesting Facts and Personal Quotes from his life journey with the Net Worth of $ 30 million

               Personal Information of Clive Owen


 Clive Owen 



Name  of Profession


Birth Place

Keresley, Coventry, West Midlands (England)

Date of Birth

 3 October 1964


 The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (Graduate)

Net Worth

 $30 million


1. Sin City (2005)

2. Children of Men (2006)

3. The Bourne Identity (2002)

4. Inside Man (2006)

5. Closer (2004)

6. Trust (2010)

7. Elizabeth: The Golden Age (2007)

8. The Boys are Back (2009)

9. Greenfingers (2000)

10. Shoot 'Em Up (2007)




 1. Critics Choice Award, Best Acting Ensemble (Sin City and Gosford Park)

2. BAFTA Film Award, Best Support Actor (Closer)

3. COFCA Award, Actor of the Year (Children of Men and Inside Man)

4. FFCC Award, Best Ensemble Cast (Gosford Park)

5. Gold Derby Film Award, Best Supporting Actor and Best Ensemble Cast ( Closer)

6. Golden Camera, Best International Award

7. International Cinephile Society Award (ICS), Best Supporting Actor (Closer)

8. International Online Cinema Awards (INOCA),   Best Supporting Actor and Best Ensemble Cast ( Closer)

9. Las Vegas Film Critics Society Awards (Sierra Award), Best Supporting Actor (Closer)

10. National Board of Review USA (NBR Award), Best Acting by an Ensemble (Closer)

11. New York Film Critics  Circle Award, Best Supporting Actor (Closer)

12. Online Film and Television Award, Best Supporting Actor (Closer)

13. Online Film Critics  Society Award, Best Ensemble (Closer)

14. Satellite Award, Best Actor in a Series, Drama (The Kick)

15. Satellite Award ( Special Achievement Award), Best Ensemble (The Kick)

16. Satellite Award ( Special Achievement Award), Outstanding Motion Picture Ensemble (Gosford Park)

17. Screen Actors Guild Award, Outstanding Motion Picture Ensemble (Gosford Park)

18. Toronto Film Critics Association Award, Best Supporting Performance (Closer)

19. Awards Circuit Community Award(ACCA), Best Support Actor (Closer)



                                              Clive Owen's Family


 Sarah-Jane Fenton (m1988-present)


 Jess Owen (Father)

Pamela Owen (Mother)


 Hannah Owen

Eve Owen


Alan Owen (Sibling)
Lee Owen (Sibling)

 Lead Actor Clive Owen ] 15+ Interesting Facts and Personal Quotes from his life journey 

1. Had a recurring role in a series of BMW commercials as their mysterious driver. He played a valet in the film Gosford Park (2001) and played a fellow "Agent" named the Professor in The Bourne Identity (2002) who was sent to kill Bourne.

2. Was accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in 1984. After he graduated, he joined the Young Vic Theatre.

3. Has four brothers and was raised by his mother and stepfather.

4. Has 2 daughters, Hannah Owen (born 1997) and Eve Owen (born 1999), with Sarah-Jane Fenton.

5. Is a huge David Bowie fan and has called the singer "the biggest musical influence on my life." He says, "I don't know why, but no one else has ever had such an effect on me. I didn't have most of his work. I had everything." In the 1970s, when Bowie was changing his appearance and style with every album, Owen would re-dye his hair whatever color Bowie was at the time.

6. Turned down the role as The Driver for BMW twice. He was sent a copy of the script for the first ad, read it, and was impressed by its presentation. He immediately accepted the role, jumped on a plane to LA, and was whisked away to the set of the first ad as soon as he landed.

7. Two of his brothers, Alan and Lee, became musicians and released a single called "Heartbeat."

8. Met his wife at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art while doing Romeo and Juliet.

9. Mentioned in the song 'Risen Within' by MC Homicide featuring PAZ.

10. When his Beyond Borders (2003) co-star Angelina Jolie told him he looked sexy, she says, he "fell over laughing".

11. Invited to join AMPAS in 2005.

12. He is a supporter of Liverpool Football Club.

13. Was voted "Best dressed male" by GQ magazine in 2006

14. Began acting at age 13.

15. In a 2005 poll, was voted the top choice to play James Bond in Casino Royale (2006) but polled fewer votes than Pierce Brosnan continuing the role.

16. January 2007 - has signed on as the face of a new Lancome anti-aging cream for men. He was also named the new spokesman of the cosmetics firm's new Hypnose Homme fragrance. The print adverts resulted in complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority over the heavy airbrushing used to make him look younger.

17. In November 2006, he became patron of the Electric Palace Cinema in Harwich, England, and launched an appeal for funds to repair deteriorating elements of the fabric.

18. In the original theater production of "Closer" he played the character Dan. In the film version, he played the other prominent male character, Larry, while Dan was played by Jude Law.

19. Voted #5 in Elle (France) Magazine's "15 Sexiest Men" poll (June 2007).

20. Was named Empire Magazines #25 in the list of 100 Sexiest Stars(2007).

21. Lobbied for the role of Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass (2007).

22. After Russell Crowe turned down the role, he was chosen by Jerry Bruckheimer over Antoine Fuqua's choice of Daniel Craig for the lead role in King Arthur (2004). Owen was later turned down for the role of Lord Asriel in The Golden Compass (2007) in favor of Daniel Craig in spite of offering to screen test for the part.

23. Although his 'official' date of birth is 1964, the News of the World published a birth certificate stating it as 1962 as part of an article about the real age of movie stars.

24. Got the role of King Arthur (2004) after Russell Crowe, Mel Gibson and Hugh Jackman turned it down and after producer Jerry Bruckheimer vetoed the director's choice of a then comparatively unknown Daniel Craig because he was convinced Owen was going to be the next James Bond.

25. Admitted in a Newsweek interview to promote The International (2009) that he has considered submitting false trivia about himself ("I once talked to someone about putting something on IMDb") and was surprised at how seriously people took it. In the same interview, he also claimed he doesn't eat biscuits because 'He-men don't need biscuits.'.

26. Developing a remake of the popular 70s children's TV series Catweazle (1970) as a starring vehicle and as co-producer. [December 2009]

27. Member of the 'Official Competition' jury at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival in 2016.

Personal Quotes

1. I've never been interested in playing good guys. I'm always attracted to dangerous characters. Those roles are usually far more interesting and I hold no fears about doing them. With my character in Croupier (1998), you're never really sure where he's coming from. He's not really a good guy or a bad guy. But people generally aren't, are they?

2. The sexiest part of the body is the eyes. Corny, but that's what I believe. They're what connect us as human beings.

3. Theatre uses a different energy. It's like going to the gym and having a vigorous workout. But every few years is enough because I love filming. I am a real film animal.

4. When I was 10 or 11, I played the Artful Dodger in a school production of 'Oliver. From that point forward, I said I wanted to be an actor. Nobody in my family took it seriously, but I saw no other path. I was a cocky little kid. This one teacher said: 'You're a working-class kid from Coventry. What do you know?'

5. Theater is like exercise. I feel it's healthy. But I don't love it as much as movies. A bad experience in the theater can be so depressing. You've got to do it every night, even if the production is not working.

6. The lighter stuff has got to be really well written for me, or it just doesn't get me going. There's something to play if there's a conflict going on. Whatever that conflict is, that's where drama is; if the character is grappling with something you've got something to play, there are layers to it. And when that isn't there it's ... less interesting.

7. [Talking about Daniel Craig]: "I think when Craig first took the (James Bond) part he got a pretty rough ride, which to a certain extent is inevitable because there are so many different people who have so many different ideas about something like that. You are never going to please everybody. The thing that is really exciting is that he is a proper actor. He is not shallow or posing, they have cast a really serious actor and I think that when the film comes out everyone will see what a great choice he was".

8. Bond was the best thing that never happened to me. I was never in the running but the more I said so, the more people thought I had it in the bag. What's so funny about it all is my career in Britain was in really bad shape at the time, but my agents pretty much built me a new one in America by playing up all the Bond stories. All I had to do was keep on telling people I was never going to be Bond. I'd like to think I made it on talent, but it's really just dumb luck. If I hadn't worn that tux in Croupier (1998), I'd still be begging for the parts Robson Green turned down on cop shows.

9. I don't "do" emotion. Emotions are overrated. I'm more interested in creating a presence.

10. (On Bond) It's easy to keep saying no to a role you're not being offered. If they really had offered? I don't know. It's possible I would have said yes. It's possible. But they never asked so we'll never really know.

11. I've heard people say I have a dull and monotonous voice, but the truth is that I put all my effort into communicating to the audience via my eyes. An actor can say so much with their eyes. I would have loved to have been an actor in the days of silent movies. Sounding interesting disinterests me. Looking interesting is another matter entirely.

12. I got in a cab in Glasgow years ago and this quite surly cab driver says to me, 'You're that actor, aren't you? You get paid to lie, don't you? That's what actors are, aren't they? Professional bullsh***ers.' It had quite an effect on me. I f***ing get paid to lie. . . . I walked out of there and I spent a bit of time thinking about it. And then I realized I think it's the opposite: It's an opportunity to tell the truth. I try to do that in everything I do. And whether you like a movie I'm in or not, I want you to believe me. More than admire me or think I was brilliantly skillful, I want you to believe me.

13. [on bad scripts he is reading] These are films that are funded and ready to go - expensive movies. You're amazed that people are funding them. I start to think it's me, that I'm being too choosy.

14. (On his plans for Catweazle (1970)) Making the film (The Boys Are Back (2009)) made me realize I've not made many films my own children can see, and I want them to see what their old man does for a living. When I was a kid, Catweazle (1970) was the bees' knees, the best thing on TV. I didn't want to be Cedric or the other kid, I wanted to grow up to be just like Catweazle. It's my dream role. You could say my whole career has just been a rehearsal for Catweazle. It (the character's look) is a bit of a problem with the Lancombe contract, but if it comes to the choice between them, it'll have to be Catweazle. I hope it doesn't come to that! Maybe they can do before and after adverts - with Catweazle (1970) the before!

15. That's the best place to be, both excited and scared. What's the worst thing that can happen? The worst thing that can happen is that I'll be bad. I've been bad before - I'll be bad again.

16. I like the high-wire act, playing someone who is not entirely straightforward, not something easy, palatable.

17. I have to drag Sarah-Jane to a premiere. Her ultimate present, which I bought her a few years ago, was a Volkswagen Caravan van. She's into arts and crafts, hanging with the kids, and going camping. She's very unimpressed by what I do. The girls have a very high status in my house. I'm the git in the family.

18. Every time I go away, [daughter] Hannah gives me what I call her Roger Moore to face.

19. I talked about it all through the pregnancy, but I didn't do anything about it. I had smoked since I was fuckin' 14. I always used to say to myself, I'm going to die of lung cancer. That's the choice I'm making. And then when [my wife] Sarah-Jane was pregnant, I couldn't think about anything else. I just had this image in my head of breathing smoke in a baby's face. You just think about it going into their little lungs. And when Hannah was born, I stopped. Hard. Dead.

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