Best 30 [ Horror movies on Netflix india ] with released year

 Best 30 [ Horror movies on Netflix India ] with released year 

Cover Iamge of Best 30 [ Horror movies on Netflix india ] with released year
Cover Iamge of Best 30 [ Horror movies on Netflix india ] with released year 

Horror movies are a genre of film that seeks to scare and shock the audience through the use of suspense, violence, and supernatural elements. They often feature characters being chased or threatened by monsters, ghosts, or other supernatural beings, and usually end with the protagonist triumphantly defeating the villain.

There are many subgenres within horror, including slasher, monster, zombie, and supernatural films. Some horror movies are based on true events, while others are purely fictional.

Horror movies have been popular for decades, and continue to be a major part of the film industry. They often have cult followings and generate much discussion and debate among fans and critics. Many horror movies have spawned sequels and franchises, and some have even been turned into successful television shows or video games.

Despite their reputation for being violent and disturbing, many horror movies also explore deeper themes and ideas, such as the nature of evil, the power of the human mind, and the role of religion in society. Whether you're a fan of horror or not, these films continue to be a major influence on popular culture.

 Best 30 [ Horror movies on Netflix India ] with released year 

RankMovie TitleYear
1The Conjuring2013
2The Exorcist1973
3The Babadook2014
4A Quiet Place2018
5The Witch2015
6The Ring2002
7The Grudge2004
8The Sixth Sense1999
10The Cabin in the Woods2012
11Get Out2017
12The Invitation2015
13The Descent2005
14The Orphanage2007
15The Others2001
16The Blair Witch Project1999
17The Host2006
18The Witchfinder General1968
19The Ruins2008
20The Amityville Horror1979
21The Texas Chainsaw Massacre1974
22The Omen1976
23The Shining1980
24The Evil Dead1981
25The Haunting of Hill House2018
26The Woman in Black2012
27The Mothman Prophecies2002
28The Last Exorcism2010
29The Possession2012
30The Conjuring 22016

Best horror movies on Netflix with the rating

Movie TitleRating
The Conjuring8.5/10
The Babadook7.5/10
The Witch6.5/10
The Cabin in the Woods7/10
A Tale of Two Sisters7.5/10
The Exorcist8.5/10
The Sixth Sense8/10
The Blair Witch Project6/10
The Others7/10
The Ring7/10
The Shining8.5/10
The Grudge6.5/10
It Follows7/10
The Haunting of Hill House8/10
The Amityville Horror6.5/10
The Possession6/10
The Descent7/10
The Host7/10
The Witchfinder General6.5/10
The Girl with All the Gifts7/10
The Babysitter6/10
The Night of the Virgin6.5/10
The Invitation7/10
The House on Willow Street6/10
The Orphanage7.5/10
The Last Exorcism6.5/10
The Final Girls7/10
The Evil Dead7/10

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