How to make glass in minecraft

How to make glass in Minecraft  

Cover Image of How to make glass in minecraft
Cover Image of How to make glass in minecraft 

To make glass in Minecraft, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Gather sand: Find a sandy area in your Minecraft world, such as a desert or a beach. Use a shovel to mine sand blocks. Each block will drop 1 item.

2. Craft a furnace: Open your crafting table and place 8 cobblestones in a square shape, leaving the center empty. This will create a furnace.

3. Smelt the sand: Place the furnace on the ground and right-click on it to open the furnace interface. Put the sand in the top slot of the furnace and add fuel to the bottom slot. You can use coal, wood, or any other burnable item as fuel. Once the sand has smelted, you will receive glass.

4. Collect the glass: Right-click on the furnace to collect the glass once it's finished smelting. Each sand will produce 1 glass.

You now have glass that you can use for various purposes in Minecraft, such as windows, decorative blocks, or potion brewing.

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