List of Indian Institutes of Technology [ IIT in India ] with official website

 List of IIT in India with official website 

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Cover Image of List of IIT in India with official website
Cover Image of List of IIT in India with official website 

History of IIT in India 

1. Early Years (1946-1951):
The idea of establishing higher education institutes in the field of engineering and technology in India gained momentum after World War II. Sir Ardeshir Dalal's 1945 report recommended the creation of higher technical institutions. In 1946, the Nalini Ranjan Sarkar Committee also recommended the establishment of four higher technical institutions in India.


2. First IIT (1951):


The first Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Kharagpur, was established in 1951. It started functioning from 1951 in the Hijli Detention Camp, a former prison campus near Kharagpur, West Bengal. Initially, the IITs were designed to train scientists and engineers to support the newly industrializing India.


3. IIT Act of 1961:


The IITs were officially declared as autonomous institutions and were granted the status of Institutes of National Importance by the Indian Parliament through the Institutes of Technology Act in 1961. This act laid the foundation for the governance and administration of the IITs.


Expansion (1951-1980s):


Over the years, more IITs were established to meet the growing demand for quality technical education. The institutes were set up in various parts of the country, including IIT Bombay (1958), IIT Madras (1959), IIT Kanpur (1959), IIT Delhi (1961), IIT Guwahati (1994), and others.


Joint Entrance Examination (JEE):


The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) was introduced in the 1960s to streamline the admission process to the IITs. The JEE has undergone several changes over the years and remains one of the most competitive engineering entrance exams in the country.


Global Recognition:


IIT alumni gained international recognition for their achievements in academia, research, entrepreneurship, and industry. Graduates of IITs have contributed significantly to technological advancements globally.


Research and Innovation:


IITs have been at the forefront of research and innovation. They have made substantial contributions to various fields, including computer science, electronics, aerospace engineering, biotechnology, and more.

21st Century Developments:
In the 21st century, there has been a continued emphasis on research, collaboration with industries, and international partnerships. New IITs were established, and existing ones expanded their programs and infrastructure.

IIT Kharagpur - Established in 1951
IIT Bombay - Established in 1958
IIT Madras - Established in 1959
IIT Kanpur - Established in 1959
IIT Delhi - Established in 1961
IIT Guwahati - Established in 1994
IIT Roorkee - Established in 1847 (as Thomason College of Civil Engineering)
IIT Ropar - Established in 2008
IIT Bhubaneswar - Established in 2008
IIT Gandhinagar - Established in 2008
IIT Hyderabad - Established in 2008
IIT Jodhpur - Established in 2008
IIT Patna - Established in 2008
IIT Indore - Established in 2009
IIT (ISM) Dhanbad - Established in 1926 (as Indian School of Mines), joined IITs in 2016
IIT Varanasi - Established in 1919 (as Banaras Engineering College), joined IITs in 2012
IIT Palakkad - Established in 2015
IIT Tirupati - Established in 2015
IIT Bhilai - Established in 2016
IIT Goa - Established in 2016
IIT Jammu - Established in 2016
IIT Dharwad - Established in 2016


S.No.Name of the Organisation

1Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Gandhi Nagar

2Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhubaneshwar

3Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Madras

4Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati

5Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Indore

6Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur

7Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jodhpur

8Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kharagpur

9Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Hyderabad

10Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mumbai

11Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Patna

12Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi

13Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar

14Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Mandi

15Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Roorkee

16Indian Institute of Technology (Banaras Hindu University), Varanasi

17Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Jammu

18Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Palakkad

19Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Tirupati

20Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Goa

21Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bhilai

22Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Dharwad

23Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad

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