5 Haunted Place In Rajasthan

5 Haunted Place In Rajasthan  

Kuldhara Village  ( stories 1) 

There are many place around the world that contain many mysterious events  in their hearts . One such incident is from Kuldhara village in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan . This village has been deserted for the last 170 years . There are some houses in the village where mysterious ties often come in front of eyes . In the light of the day , everything seems like a story of history , but as the evening falls, the doors of Kuldhara are closed and it is visible a mysterious world of ruin. People say that whoever came here during the night became a victim of the accident. 

The Princely Diwan of the State 

Actually , the story of Kuldhara started , about 200 year ago, when Kuldhara got a bad eye , that person was the Diwan Salam Singh . Libertine Diwan Salam Singh . whose dirty eye fell on a beautiful girl in the village. Diwan was so made behind the girl that just wanted to find her in some way. He started pressurizing the Brahmins for this . The extent was reached when the Diwan selected the girl's house in the head of power that if she did not  find the girl till the next Purnamasi , she would attack the village and pick up the girl . 

Five Thousand families Left Princely state

 The battle of Diwan and the villagers was now also honored with the honor of a virgin girl and the village self - respect . Paliwal Brahamins met than 5000 families decided to leave thr princely state for their honor. It is said that all the 84 villages gathered at a temple to take decisions and the panchayats decided that whatever happens, their girl would not given it to that Diwan . The next evening , Khuldara was deserted that even today, birds did not also enter the borders of that village . It is said that while leaving the , village , those Brahmins crused this place .  

The Village Is In Possession Of Spiritual Force 

Let us tell you that with the changing times, 82 villages were rebuilt , but two villages Kuldhara and Khabha have not been inhabited till date even after all efforts . It is said that  the village is in possession of spiritual forces. According to those visiting the village of Khuldara , who have changed the tourist place , the call of Paliwali Brahmins living here is still heard today.He feels that someone is walking around there . Ever since this deserted village is in the possession of spiritual forces , who often make those who come here realize their presence . There is a temple in Kuldara village which is still cursed free . There is also stepwell which was a drinking water at  that time . It is said that after the evening falls, some voices are often heard here . People believe that the voice is that pain of the 18th century from which the Paliwal Brahmins passed away . !!!    

This incident happen on 3rd December 2012 , that day we were going to Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer was our last stop . all people were tried due to a long journey . I asked the driver , Jaisalmer and how far is , the driver said that there is a road for one hour . Then my daughter Akshara said dad look , how beautiful is the house there, then my wife Janvi said , some village seems to be . Akshara dad lets go come to the village . The driver said dear , this place is not good .Akshara please.... Janvi Akshara does not insist . I asked the driver , is there any threat of the theft here. The driver is a threat , but not the thieves , I said , let's drive now the car ( the car was not starting  ) the driver said petrol is over, i asked how you will finish the tank , the driver said sir petrol pipe leaked it was done , i said with surprise , then what to do now , Janvi ,what to do now . The driver says , do not panic , sir will definitely take help. I said 

On the other hand , Janvi said , Rupam you heard something so, i said not all , again she said that i felt that Akshara had given me a voice , i would see her a minutes. i said okay go . Janvi searching for Akshara went to a house and a girl was crying from that house . Janvi asks that girl should be ? The girl said Padma . Janvi said , why are you crying ? The girl said because of me everyone is leaving the village . God would take my life better than this Janvi said that she does not says that , but what are you talking about . ( Janvi was also surprised to see all the people of the village taking her there goods .) Janvi asks the girl who these people are . The girl said that my villigers stop all these . As soon as Janvi turns back and looks at the girl , the girl looks with scary face. And Janvi runs away from there. Then the voice of an old woman comes from behind me . (Gadikhamba) So i said who are you ? That old woman said that we are leaving this village resident here . The king's evil eye is on the  daughter of the villages.  if we do not give Padma to the king , the we will destroy our lives there . So we are leaving the village . Did  you leave my luggage across the village border .  I am old , i cannot lift  so much weight . Then i said , actually , that is my family there. Then  the old woman said , the son helped , i am old . So i lift her luggage and start walking with that old woman , then i hear the sound of Janvi's screaming . I tell the  old woman , forgive me , i have to go . Then the old woman holds my hand said , how can you leave me in such way . As soon as i get rid of my self , i run  away from there , and reach Janvi . Janvi said that the driver was right , there is definitely , some trouble here . We have to get out of it . I said okay where is Akshara ? Janvi said that i did not find Akshara everywhere . I said what you are saying .

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