How to Make a [ YouTube Shorts Go Viral in 60 second ] : Complete Beginner Guide in very simple steps

How to Make YouTube Shorts Go Viral in 60 seconds ( Complete Beginner Guide in very simple steps)

How to Make a YouTube Shorts Go Viral in 60 second ( Complete Beginner Guide in very simple steps)

Creating a viral YouTube Shorts video can be challenging but here's a simple beginner's guide in very simple steps:

1. Understand YouTube Shorts: First, familiarize yourself with what YouTube Shorts are. These are vertical videos of up to 60 seconds in length, designed for quick viewing on mobile devices.

2. Identify Trending Topics: Look for trending topics or challenges on YouTube or other social media platforms. These can include dance challenges, lip-sync challenges or current events.

3. Keep it Short and Sweet: Remember, you have only 60 seconds to capture viewers' attention, so keep your content concise and engaging.

4. Create Eye-Catching Thumbnails: Thumbnails are the first thing viewers see, so make sure yours is attention-grabbing and clearly represents your video's content.

5. Hook Viewers Quickly: Start your video with something captivating to grab viewers' attention within the first few seconds. This could be a catchy tune, an intriguing question, or an unexpected visual.

6. Use Popular Music or Sounds: Incorporate popular music or sounds into your Shorts. YouTube provides a library of audio tracks you can use for free.

7. Add Text or Captions: Since many viewers watch Shorts without sound, consider adding text overlays or captions to make your content more accessible.

8. Engage with Viewers: Encourage viewers to like, comment, and share your Shorts. Respond to comments and engage with your audience to build a community around your content.

9. Promote Your Shorts: Share your Shorts on other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok, to reach a wider audience.

10. Consistency is Key: Keep creating and uploading Shorts regularly to increase your chances of going viral. Experiment with different content ideas and learn from your successes and failures.

The four principles are

Given Below 

every time I mention one of these

principles one of which is going to be

unlocked but all you need to know for

the sake of this article is to these four

principles are gonna allow you to go

viral on youtube shorts this creator got

over a million views using them this

creator over 5 million views and this

the creator got over 200 million views on a

single video and gained over 1 million

subscribers in just a 24-hour period by

going viral on youtube shorts and the

The same exact thing can happen to you if

you implement the four principles that

I'm about to share with you in this


principle number one is that you need to

be spending more time on the actual idea

that you're gonna be using in your

youtube short than actually creating the

video so many creators especially small

creators spend all of their time

actually creating their content editing

their content getting the right shot for

their content and none of that matters

if the content idea isn't good and if

the title isn't good if you mess up

those two things you know what's gonna

happen nobody's gonna see your videos

you wanna know why because the youtube

the algorithm is very very very simple. 


not trying to find viewers for your

videos that are where most creators go

wrong they think the youtube algorithm

is trying to find people for their video

that they put a lot of time and effort

into and I hate to break it to you Timmy

but that's not how it works before i

can explain to you exactly how the

algorithm works I need you to save it in 

Bookmark in your browser So you remember in the fiuture 

if you want to grow

quicker on youtube, you need to make sure

that you do not miss another video that

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addition to that i created a free

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to tell you things like the best time to

be posting on youtube or what hashtags

you should or should not be using in

your youtube shorts

okay so to put the youtube algorithm in

perspective for you youtube is not

actually finding viewers for your videos

instead they have people that are

interested in certain topics and then

they show them videos about those topics

so if you're not tapping into a topic or

an idea or ideally two or three topics

or ideas on youtube that is why your

videos are getting no views you could

have a sub par video a meteor okay or

video with a really good idea and a

really good title and you're gonna get

way more views than the creator that

spends weeks and weeks and weeks

actually creating his content

for example tuvok 12 is one of those

creators that i mentioned earlier in the

video that got over 200 million views on

a single video and he has since switched

up his content he's switching up his

content because he's trying to add more

flavor to it you guys need to understand

something and his content does a great

job of actually exemplifying this his

most recent content is about bowling his

past content did really really well was

about basketball now can somebody say

why his basketball videos got more views

than his bowling videos let me know in

the comment section below

you got it right it's because there is a

way bigger audience on youtube for

basketball content than there is for

bowling content both these types of

videos get the same click-through rate

they both get the same amount of watch

time they're both really good pieces of

content but the major difference is

actually in how large of an audience

he's going after and you guys need to

recognize this i upload videos about how

to grow on youtube how to grow on

instagram how to go on tik tok i'm not

expecting my videos to go viral like

logan paul's i'm not expecting my videos

to go viral like david dobrik's and it

isn't only the content idea that

actually affects how many views you get

on your videos it's also the frequency

in which you upload i'll give you a

prime example if you look at everybody

that posts in the how to grow on youtube

space there are about 500 000 to a

million people that look at this niche

every single month if you look at all of

our views on youtube you'll see that

everybody gets around that many views

aggregate they might get more if they

post about other things but on average

they get that many views now some people

like myself upload multiple videos a

week other people upload one video every

one or two weeks so those people get

more views per video but as an aggregate

we're all getting the same amount of

views and this is something that you

need to be paying attention to in your

niche because you might be comparing

yourself to a competitor not looking at

the aggregate number of views and you

think that your content isn't as good

and that might not actually be the case

in fact i want to make the argument

right now that you'd be better off

uploading more videos getting less views

per video but getting the same amount of

aggregate views because you can provide

more examples in your content you can

talk about new things you can relate to

people in a different way and ultimately

that is going to result in you getting

more subscribers now that was just one

principle we need to go through three

more and i need to remind you guys the

last principle that we talk about if you

skip the last principle you might as

well just shoot yourself in the foot

because you're never going to go viral

on youtube shorts

and this brings me to the second

the principle that you guys need to be

focused on and it's the actual volume of

content that you're putting out on

youtube shorts you can upload multiple

times a day with long form content i

would not recommend uploading multiple

times a day i would only upload once a

day at most if you're doing long form

content there are only a few creators

that have actually cracked this and the

only reason that they've cracked it is

because they're uploading newsworthy

content that being said you guys need to

be posting at least one time a day on

youtube shorts ideally you should be

posting more often you need to

understand something social media is

just like basketball it's just like

baseball it's just like golf the more

that you do it the better you're going

to get the better of a creator you're

going to become the better you're going

to be at editing videos the better

you're going to be at coming up with

titles the better you're going to be at

coming up with the video ideas and that

is why your video is going to do better

the higher amount of volume of content

you put out now eventually you can pull

back but in order to get your first

viral video on youtube shorts i would

recommend uploading more often now if

you're strapped for time and you don't

think that you can upload multiple times

a day on youtube shorts i'm going to

share with you a secret that you can

implement later on in this video that's

going to allow you to put out multiple

youtube shorts every single day but you

guys need to realize something if you're

not putting out enough content and

you're not being consistent which by the

way posting consistently on youtube is

one of the biggest things that you can

do don't upload one time a day for a

week you're not going to be able to

sustain that for the long haul the main

thing that youtube wants to see and you

see this in all big youtube creators

when they take a break and then they

come back their views suffer if they

miss an upload their views suffer so

please do not miss an upload make sure

you're putting out content consistently

make sure you're putting out enough

content that you're actually putting in

the reps and being able to see which

ideas work and which titles work and

which thumbnails work because if you're

not doing that in your content you're

not giving yourself an honest shot at

becoming a youtuber at fulfilling your

dreams and being able to quit your job

and being able to scale your business

and going viral on youtube shorts

principle number three is that when you

find something that works you need to

double down on it luis literally went

from 300 subscribers to over 40 000

subscribers by uploading almost the same

video over and over and over again now

let me explain for all the haters i'm

gonna say she just does the same video

she doesn't actually do the same video

she uses a title that she knows works

she uses a description format that she

knows works she uses a video format that

she knows works and that is what has

allowed her to gain so many subscribers

so quickly this is the same thing as

somebody uploading about how to grow on

tik tok always uploading videos about

how to grow on tick tock they don't try

to post something about this they don't

try to post something about that the

same way that if you were doing a crypto

channel you're not gonna go randomly

talk about the housing market going up

why because you want to be focused on

your niche you guys need to be niche

down on youtube the easiest way for you

to get initial growth on youtube is to

be niche down to actually relate to that

audience to bring a new point of view

into whatever nichiren and please do not

make the mistake of saying that a niche

is flooded no niche is flooded on

youtube that does not exist now of

course if you try to get enough finance

and you don't have a unique perspective

graham stefan is going to get more views

than you you can't just copy graham

stefan's videos but if you do those

videos with a different twist that

relates to other people well then guess

what you can break into any niche on

youtube in fact i would be scared if you

said rob i'm going into a niche that has

no competition i would say you're going

into a niche that has no viewers and if

there are no viewers youtube isn't going

to give you any views so please make

sure that you're actually niching down

and going into a niche that is worth

going after

and this brings me to principle number

four which actually ties into number

three which is please never be the first

person to talk about a topic you want to

be going after topics you want to be

going after things that are trending you

want to be going after things that have

worked for somebody else why because you

might not just get that initial first

view but you might get somebody else's

remnant views let me give you an example

whenever gary vee who i used to work for

talks about tick tock guess what happens

my views about videos on tick tock

skyrocket not because search results

increase because youtube says hey these

people just watched a 30 minute video by

gary about how to grow on tick tock or

how important tick tock is why don't we

then recommend them more videos and the

same exact thing is going to happen in

your niche this is why you guys need to

make sure that you're making videos that

are complementary to what other big

people are putting out in your niche or

stuff that people are searching for

within your niche now if you're

struggling and have absolutely no idea

what you should be posting on youtube

you don't know what titles to be using

don't know thumbnails to be using and

you want content ideas and honestly you

want me to look at your account and tell

you exactly what i would do to guarantee

that you grow like every other example

that i've showed you in this video then

keep watching this video because i'm

going to show you a way that i can

guarantee that i can help you grow on

youtube finally i just launched my

youtube shorts mentorship program which

guarantees that i can help you grow on

youtube in just 30 days if you want to

find out more go to the link in the

description but to put it simply you're

going to go through six steps to

becoming a youtube shorts expert then

i'm gonna make you a personalized plan

i'm gonna tell you exactly what to post

what titles to use what thumbnails to

use what descriptions to use what tags

to use what your content should actually

look like how your editing should be and

so much more and then for the next 30

days i'm gonna critique your content to

guarantee that you grow it's incredibly

simple if you don't grow on youtube in

the 30 days i'm gonna give your money

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