How to Use Copilot in Powerpoint

 How to Use Copilot in PowerPoint 

Cover Image of How to Use Copilot in PowerPoint
Cover Image of How to Use Copilot in PowerPoint 

Copilot in PowerPoint is a powerful tool that can assist you in creating, editing, understanding, and organizing presentations using the magic of AI. Let’s explore how to make the most of it:

Creating a New Presentation:

1. Open a blank PowerPoint presentation.

2. Click on the Copilot icon under the Home tab.

3. In the Copilot pane, prompt it to create a presentation by clicking “Create a presentation”.

4. Specify the details of your presentation.

5. Wait for Copilot to work its magic, and voilà! You’ll have a draft presentation.

Summarizing Your Presentation:

1. If you have a longer presentation and need a quick summary, Copilot can help.

2. Select the Copilot button from the ribbon.

3. In the Copilot pane, type “Summarize this presentation” in the prompt field and send it.

Organizing Your Presentation:

1. Allow Copilot to restructure your slides.

2. Decide if the changes work for you.

3. If you already have access, give it a try now.

Steps to use Copilot in PowerPoint 

Using Your Organization’s Branding:

Let Copilot assist you in building a presentation by generating slides or images with your organization’s branding.

If you're looking for assistance with creating presentations in PowerPoint, here are some general tips:

Design Ideas: PowerPoint's Design Ideas feature provides layout suggestions for your slides based on the content you've entered. To access Design Ideas, go to the Home tab, and click on the Design Ideas button in the Design group.

SmartArt: SmartArt graphics allow you to visually represent information in your slides, such as lists, processes, cycles, hierarchies, and relationships. You can access SmartArt through the Insert tab.

Slide Layouts: PowerPoint offers various slide layouts to choose from, depending on the type of content you want to present. You can select a layout from the Layout options in the Home tab.

Reuse Slides: If you have existing slides or presentations that you want to incorporate into your current presentation, you can reuse them by selecting "Reuse Slides" from the Home tab.

Presenter Coach: If you're rehearsing your presentation, PowerPoint's Presenter Coach feature provides real-time feedback on pacing, inclusive language, and more. You can access Presenter Coach by going to the Slide Show tab and clicking on Rehearse with Coach.

Accessibility Checker: Ensure your presentation is accessible to all audiences by using PowerPoint's Accessibility Checker. It identifies potential accessibility issues and provides suggestions for improvement. You can find the Accessibility Checker under the Review tab.

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