How to Lock Apps On iPhone ?

How to Lock Apps On iPhone ?

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While iPhones lack a built-in app lock feature, there are a couple of methods you can use to achieve a similar effect.

 Here are a few methods you can try:

1. Using Screen Time:

This method utilizes the Screen Time feature introduced in iOS 12. It allows you to set time limits for app usage, essentially "locking" them after the limit is reached. 

Here's how:

Step 1. Go to Settings >Screen Time.

Step 2.  Tap on App Limits.

Step 3.  Tap Add Limit.

Step 4.  Choose All Apps & Categories or select specific apps you want to lock.

Step 5. Tap Next.

Step 6. Set a 1-minute time limit (the minimum allowed).

Step 7. Toggle Ask Before Running to Off (optional, prevents confirmation prompt before locking).

Step 8. Tap Add to confirm.

2. Using Guided Access:

This method restricts functionality within an app instead of entirely blocking it. You can access specific features while preventing accidental exits or unauthorized access to other parts of the app

Here's how:

Step 1. Go to Settings > Accessibility.

Step 2. Tap on Guided Access.

Step 3. Toggle the switch on to enable it.

Step 4. Set up a Passcode if you haven't already.

Step 5. Open the app you want to "lock."

Step 6. Triple-click the side button (or Home button on older iPhones).

Step 7. Tap Start Guided Access.

Step 8. To exit Guided Access, triple-click the side/Home button again and enter your passcode.

Important Note:

 These methods don't offer true app locking with password protection. They create workarounds to limit access or functionality within apps.

 Third-party app lock solutions are generally not recommended for non-jailbroken iPhones due to security concerns.

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