How To Sign Out In Netflix ?

How To Sign Out In Netflix?

Cover Image Of Netflix
Cover Image Of Netflix

Signing out of Netflix depends on the device you're using:

On a Smart TV:

Step 1. Launch the Netflix app.

Step 2. Navigate to the left side of the screen to open the menu. 

Step 3. Look for "Get Help," "Settings," or a gear icon.

Step 4. Select "Sign Out" or "Log Out" and confirm.

On a Gaming Console (Xbox or PlayStation):

Step 1. Open the Netflix app.

Step 2. Navigate to the menu using your controller.

Step 3. Find "Get Help" or similar options.

Step 4. Select "Sign Out" and confirm.

On a web browser:

Step 1. Go to the Netflix website.

Step 2. Hover over your profile picture and select "Account."

Step 3. Under "Security and Privacy," choose "Manage Access and Devices."

Step 4. Select "Sign Out" next to the specific device or "Sign Out of All Devices."

For further guidance:

 You can refer to the Netflix Help Center article on "How to sign out of a device" for a detailed explanation with pictures.

Remember, these instructions are general and might vary slightly depending on the specific device and Netflix app version.

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