NEET UG (15 % All India Quota) Undergraduate Medical/ Dental Seats Online Allotment process (Online Counseling 2017 onwards) - EM

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Wednesday, 12 July 2017

NEET UG (15 % All India Quota) Undergraduate Medical/ Dental Seats Online Allotment process (Online Counseling 2017 onwards)

NEET UG (15 % All India Quota) Undergraduate Medical/Dental SeatsOnline Allotment process (Online Counseling 2017onwards)

NEET UG (15 % All India Quota) Undergraduate Medical Dental Seats Online Allotment process (Online Counseling 2017 onwards)
NEET UG (15 % All India Quota) Undergraduate Medical Dental Seats Online Allotment process (Online Counseling 2017 onwards)

In Compliance of Hon'ble Supreme Court directions in Writ Petition(s)(Civil)



The following modification in scheme has been made in 15% (AIQ)

1. After the second round of counseling for All India Quota seats, the

students who take admission in All India Quota seats should not be
allowed/permitted to vacate the seats.
Keeping the above directions in view Candidates are advised to take a

calculated decision of continuing in Second round of AIQ as they would not

be permitted to resign from the 2nd round of AIQ.

2. It has been decided by MCC that the earlier eligibility criteria of
15% AIQ wherein total candidates called for Counselling were five
times the number of seats available for allotment were(as being
done previously) has been abolished.

Now all candidates except states of A.P, Telangana and J&K scoring

above the minimum Cut off percentile Score as per MCI/DCI Regulations

are eligible to Participate in 15% AIQ online counselling.

All question and answer given below is strictly  according 
to official website

this question is help you in during councilling of ug(undergraduate programs )

I hope this question helps you 

Q. No.1: Who is eligible for NEET UG All India Quota Counseling?

Answer: The candidates who have qualified for All India Quota seats on the basis
of their rank in NEET UG conducted by the Central Board of Secondary
Education (CBSE) except states of A.P, Telangana, and J&K
Eligible candidates may download the Rank letter/ Result from Central Board of
Secondary Education (CBSE) website ( ). Cutoff rank of
eligible candidates is also available on this website under heading of notice. For
this year cut off rank for 15% All India Quota is same as that of MCI/DCI
cut off.

Q. No.2: What is All India Rank (AIR)?

Ans: All India Rank (AIR) is overall AIPMT All India Rank, as given by CBSE, is
based on rank among the successful candidates, of NEET UG on all India basis.

Q. No. 3: What is All India Quota Rank?

Ans: This is the rank for the purpose of All India Quota seat allotment, after
excluding candidates from Andhra Pradesh (AP) and J&K. As per directions of
the Hon’ble Supreme Court the candidates from AP and J&K are not eligible to
participate for 15 % All India Quota Counseling (Please also see clause 9 of,
Information Bulletin of AIPMT for admission to MBBS/BDS Courses published
by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for details).

Q. No.4: Whether the candidates having All India Rank (AIR) / All India

Quota Rank) called for All India Quota Counseling, are eligible for counseling
Ans: Candidates declared Qualified/Eligible for All India Quota Undergraduate
Seats (MBBS/BDS) only will be eligible for online allotment process for All
India Quota Seats, which is conducted by the Medical Counseling Committee
(MCC), Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, & Government of India. For State
Quote , Private medical and dental college seats the candidates are required to
contact the appropriate State Government/Admission Authority & Directorate
of Medical Education. Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) will not be able to
guide candidates in this matter. For this year 2017-18 as mentioned above the
clause of calling candidates five times the number of seats available has been
withdrawn, keeping in view of supreme court’s direction dated 09/05/2017
WP(C) (267/2017)- Dar-US-Slams educational trust v/s MCI.

Q. No.5: What is the process of online allotment?

a. Main Counseling Registration
b. Exercising of Choices, indicative seats and Locking of choices
c. Process of Seat Allotment – Round 1 (this is computer software process
conducted by identified agency for MCC)
d. Round 1 Result Publication
e. Reporting at the allotted Medical/Dental College against 1st Round
f. Publication of net vacant seats
g. Fresh Choice and registration Submission by eligible candidates for
round 2
h. Process of Seat Allotment - Round 2
i. Round 2 Result Publication
j. Reporting at the Medical / Dental Colleges /Institutions against Round
k. END of 15 % All India Counselling and reverting of Non Joined , Not
Alloted seats to state quota
l. Candidates joined in 2nd round of counseling in 15% All
India Quota will not be allowed to vacate seat.
Please note that Registration facility will be available before
start of Round -1 on date as notified in Counseling Schedule.
And Candidates who could not register before Round-1 of
counseling will be given chance to register at beginning of round-

Q. No. 6: When will online allotment process for the current year start?

Ans. Online allotment process will start on date as per counseling schedule
available on this website.

Q. No. 7: What is the date for commencement of MBBS/BDS Session

for current year?
ANS: As per revised Medical Council of India (MCI) schedule for admission
approved by the Hon’ble Supreme Court, the session of MBBS/BDS course will
commence as per Schedule for admission for MBBS Course notified by the
MCI. This information will also be hosted on MCC Website.

Q. No. 8: Do I have to report to any counseling centre for registration or

choice filling?
Ans: No. Online registration and choice filling can be done from place of
convenience (including from home) using internet.

Q. No. 9: Do I require any documents to get registered on-line?

Ans: You will be required to fill up some of the information that you have given
on your application form, that you filled and submitted to Central Board of
Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.
Please keep information that you have furnished on application form
confidential, and do not share with anybody as to register for online 
allotment process and submit choice you need that information. If
somebody else uses that information, he/she can misuse your online
registration and prevent you from taking part in online allotment process.
Keep print out of application form ready for reference with you.

Q. No. 10: What information do I require for online registration?

Ans: Please note that you will be asked to fill some of the information (we are
not showing it here for security reasons) that you have given on your
application form during online registration for participating in AIPMT,
therefore, keep copy of your application form ready for reference.
Please note that on registration window of online allotment process, you have to
fill in exactly same spelling, numbers etc as you have filled in your application

Q. No. 11: How do I get password for logging in?

Ans: During the process of online registration you will generate password as per
password policy, which will be shown to you when you register and create
password. Candidates are advised to keep the password that they have
created, confidential to them till the end of the counseling/admission
process. You can change the password after creating. Password is
very important for participating in online allotment process. Sharing of
password can result in its misuse by somebody else, leading to even exclusion of
genuine candidate from online allotment process.
Please also remember your password till end of All India Quota admission
process; otherwise you will not be able to participate in counseling/admission

Q. No. 12: How much time will I be given to join the allotted college?

Ans: Candidates allotted seats will be required to join the allotted
college/course within stipulated time which is mentioned in counseling
schedule. However, candidates are advised to join as early as possible and not to
wait for last day of joining, due to different schedule of holiday (including
local holidays) / working hours in various Medical / Dental Colleges. In some of
the colleges/ universities, 2-3 days’ time is required to complete admission
formalities. Therefore, candidates are advised to contact allotted college
immediately after declaration of result of counseling allotment process, to know
the details. If candidate fails to join the allotted Medical/Dental College within
stipulated time, then the allotted seat will be cancelled and candidate will not be 
eligible for further Round(s) of the online Counseling. Please note that under no
circumstances date of joining can be extended by the MCC.

Q. No 13: What documents are required at the time of online counseling?

Ans: Since it is online allotment (Online Counseling) process, no documents will
be required for participating in online allotment process.
Q. No. 14: What documents are required at the time of Joining/
Reporting in allotted Medical / Dental College?
Ans: Original documents (along with attested photocopies of documents) for
admission to under-graduate medical courses for admission to 15% of total
seats on all-India basis required at the time of joining in allotted Medical /
Dental College are as mentioned below.
(i) Admit Cards of Exam issued by Central Board of Secondary
Education (CBSE).
(ii) Result/ Rank letter issued by CBSE.
(iii) Date of Birth Certificate (if Metric Certificate does not bear the same)
(iv) Class 10th Certificate
(v) Class 10+2 Certificate
(vi) Class 10+2 Marks Sheet
(vii) Eight (8) Passport size photograph same as affixed on the application
(viii) Provisional allotment letter generated on-line.
(ix) Proof of identity.
(x) The Candidate should also bring the following certificate, if applicable:
(a) SC/ST Certificate issued by the competent authority (in the
standard format as specified in the prospectus/information
bulletin) and it should be in English or Hindi in language. Sub caste
should be clearly mentioned in the certificate. Some of the States
insist for English version of Caste Certificate. In case the
certificate is in regional language the candidate should carry a
Attested translated copy of the certificate in English/ hindi
(b) OBC certificate issued by the competent authority. The subcaste
should tally with the Central List of OBC. The OBC
candidates should not belong to Creamy Layer to claim OBC
reservation benefit. The OBC certificate must be in the
standard format as mentioned in the prospectus/ Information
(c) Orthopedic Physical Disability Certificate issued from a duly
constituted and authorized Medical Boards. (Please see clause
10.1 of Information Bulletin of AIPMT/NEET for admission to
MBBS/BDS Courses, published by Central Board of Secondary
Education (CBSE) for details). No other PH certificate, issued
by any other Authorities/Hospital will be entertained.
(Candidates are advised to see college information, of allotted
college for, any other document which may be required by the
allotted college)
Candidates without original certificates/documents shall not
be allowed to take admission in allotted Medical/ Dental
Candidates who have deposited their original documents with
any other Institute/ College/University and come for
admission with a certificate stating that "their original
certificates are d e p o s i t e d with the Institute /
College / University" will not be allowed to take admission in
allotted Medical/Dental College.

Q. No. 15: What are the instructions regarding OBC, SC,ST and
PH certificates?

Ans: Please read/ see clause 10.1 of, AIPMT/NEET Information Bulletin for
admission to MBBS/BDS Courses, published by Central Board of Secondary
Education (CBSE) for details for admission to 15% of total seats on all-India
basis carefully. The certificate requirements are mentioned in prospectus on
standard format in English or Hindi language (in case of certificate in Hindi
language, English translation duly attested must accompany the original
Candidates are requested to read prospectus and instructions regarding Caste
and Physical Handicap (PH) Certificate carefully. In case the candidate fail to
produce proper Caste (and PH, if applicable) certificate at allotted
Medical/Dental College then he/she will not be permitted to join the allotted
Medical / Dental College (allotted seat will be cancelled) and his/her category
will be changed, if otherwise eligible for changed category.

Q. No. 16: From where can I obtain Physical Handicap/Disability (PH)

Ans: The qualified loco-motor disabled Physical Handicap (PH) candidates
should get themselves examined and certified at one of the under mentioned
Disability Assessment Boards, constituted at the four metro-cities:
(i) Vardhman Mahavir Medical College & Safdarjang Hospital, Ansari
Nagar, (Ring Road), New Delhi-110029.
(ii) All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Hazi
Ali, Park, K. Khadya Marg, Mahalaxmi, Mumbai-400 034.
(iii) Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research, 244,
Archarya J.C. Bose Marg, Kolkata-20.
(iv) Madras Medical College, Park Town, Chennai- 600003.
The Locomotor Disabled (LD), physically handicapped (PH) candidates
are required to carry their treatment papers related to their disability,
including the investigation reports, at the time of reporting to the above
mentioned designated institute authorized to issue disability certificate.
Physically Handicap (PH) Candidates are also requested to see the notice for PH
candidates for clarification about PH- 1 and PH-2 categories, which is shown
after the last question in this section.

Q. No. 17: Is it necessary to obtain PH certificate from above
mentioned Centers only?

Ans: Yes. The certificate issued by any other hospital/ board will not be

Q. No. 18: What are the details of Disability for claiming advantage under
PH category?

Ans: Please see notice after the last question in this section.

Q. No. 19: Is there any restriction for filling up number of choices of
Institution (College) (and courses i.e. MBBS and BDS) in choice filling

Ans: No, you can give as many choices as you wish during online choice filling.
However choices should be in order of candidates’ preference.

Q. No.20: Can I have some idea about the seat I am likely to get at
my rank?

Ans: You can have some idea from the following:
a. Please log on to website – from home page go to medical counseling –
open Under-Graduate (for previous years) – open composite allotment
list. From the information that you will see, you get some idea of
pattern in previous year(s). This will only be indicative (without any
guarantee for the current year). Opening and Closing rank course and
category-wise is also available in Download section of home page of
MCC website. 
b. From result of Mock Counseling and Indicative Seat Allotment (during
the registration period/ during round-1).

Q. No. 21: What is mock counseling (result)/ indicative seat allotment?

Ans: During Mock Counseling, choices submitted by the candidates will be
processed during the counseling period of round-1, as mentioned in Counseling
Schedule and indicative seat that is likely to be available at that point of time
would be displayed. This helps the candidate to refine the selection of choices
in a more effective and efficient manner. Indicative allotment of seat (Mock
allotment), will be shown (on notified dates).

Q. No.22. Is it necessary to fill up the choices and lock the choices to
get seat allotted? Or I will be allotted seat automatically from leftover
Ans: After online registration (registration is compulsory to take part in
online allotment process, before the round -1 during specified registration
period), you have to fill in choice of Institutions/colleges/courses in order
of your preference. Once choice is filled in, it can be modified before locking
it. During the choice locking period, it is necessary to lock the choices to
get a print of your submitted choices. If candidate does not lock the choice
submitted by him/her, it will be automatically locked at 5.00PM of last date of
choice locking.
If you don’t register and fill in choices during registration period, you will
not be allotted any seat. Please also note that registration will be available
once before allotment of round-1 and once before starting of round-2.
Don’t wait till the last minute to Register and Lock your choices and to
take a printout. Please go through your submitted choices before locking, as
once you lock the choices they cannot be modified or changed even if you
have made a mistake. It may result in allotment of a seat which you
never wanted.

Q. No. 23: Is it necessary to join allotted Medical/Dental College to get
chance to participate in next round (2nd)?

Ans: Yes, candidates are required to join allotted institution/college and
complete the admission formalities then only candidate can exercise option to
participate in next round(s) at allotted college, during admission process.

Q. No. 24: If some new Under-graduate seats are created / started
(increase in UG seats or in new medical/Dental colleges) after start of
online counseling, will these be included and when?

Ans: Newly created/sanctioned seats that could not be included in first round
due to non-reporting / late reporting/ reporting after start of first round of
online allotment process will be included in second round (Round-2) on receiving
information from participating Medical / Dental Colleges before the start of
second round (publication of the seat matrix).

Q. No. 25: Who is eligible for 2nd Round of allotment?

Candidates eligible for seat allotment in 2nd round would be from one of the
following groups:
Group–I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the 1st
Group-II: Registered candidates, whose 1st round of allotted Seat Cancelled
during the document verification on reporting for admission, who have secured
seat under reserved quota, due to change of Category from reserved to
Unreserved or PH status from Yes to No or from PH -1 to PH-2, subject to
eligibility in changed category, will be considered for allotment of seat in
the next round of seat allotment, with changed Category, subject to availability
of seat in respective category.
Group–III: Candidates who have reported at allotted institute during 1st round
of allotment and submitted willingness for second round up-gradation as Yes.
Who is not eligible for 2nd Round of allotment?
· Not reported at Allotted Institute during reporting period of allotment
in 1st round (i.e. not admitted to seat allotted during round -1)
· Reported & Withdrawn (Resigned) from counseling at Allotted Institute.
· Became non-eligible due to change of category.
· Candidates who have not opted for up-gradation during round-2.

Q. No 26: What is the procedure for Second round (round-2)?

Ans: 2nd round of Counseling:
Fresh set of seats gets added to the system (seats available during
round-1), if any, which is due to latest approvals of MCI/DCI (increase in
admission capacity of existing Medical/Dental College/ starting of new
Medical/Dental college). Further, the conversion of seats is also carried out
during the round-2 of seat allotment and accordingly, the candidates are
required to be shown all choices (seats available and likely to be available) which
are against vacant, newly added seats, virtual vacancies which are likely to get
vacated during up-gradation and also during the conversion of seats as per the
following algorithm:
ST (PH) -> ST
SC (PH) -> SC
UR (PH) -> UR
ST -> SC
The choices of candidates, who have submitted option for participation in the
second round during the reporting period for the first round seat
allotment, would be initialized (the choices remaining after allotment, submitted
before round-1 will stand cancelled), and candidates are required to submit
fresh choices online during the time the window is open for the same. Choices
which were filled during 1st round of choice filling will be null & void.
All eligible candidates (as shown below) who desire to take part in second round
of online allotment will have to submit fresh choices during choice submission
period and lock the choices during period of locking.
There will not be any indicative allotment in round-2 of allotment, locked
choices of the candidates would be processed and result will be published.
Those candidates, who do not submit fresh choices for the round-2 counseling,
would not be considered.

Q. No. 27: Will there be any Mock Counseling and indicative allotment in
2rd round of allotment?

Ans: There will not be any Mock Counseling and indicative seat allotment in 2nd
round of allotment.

Q. No. 28: Who is eligible for 2nd Round (Round-2) of allotment?

ANS: Same as Que. No. 25
Group–I: Registered candidates who did not get any seat allotment in the 1st
round of seat allotment and have submitted fresh choices as per the vacancies
shown before the second round of counseling.
Group-II: Registered candidates, whose 1st round allotted Seat Cancelled
during the document verification on reporting for admission, who had secured
seat under reserved quota, due to change of Category from reserved to
Unreserved or PH status from Yes to No or from PH -1 to PH-2, subject to
eligibility in changed category, such candidates will be considered for seat 
allotment in the next round of seat allotment, with changed Category, subject to
availability of seat in respective changed category.
Group–III: Candidates who gave option for participation in 2nd round at the
time of 1st round reporting at allotted institutions.

Q. No. 29: Can a candidate participate in second round without submitting
fresh choices (based on choices submitted before round-1)?

Ans: Fresh choice submission by eligible candidates, as mentioned above is
necessary for consideration for seat allotment during round-2. If candidate
does not submit fresh choice(s) during choice filling period, the candidate will
not be considered for allotment of seat during Round-2 and will retain the
already allotted (joined) seat, if any.

Q. No. 30: Do I have to fill in choice of College/Course to participate in
second round of online allotment process?

Ans: Yes. All candidates who desire to take part in second round will have to
submit fresh choices before second round.

Q. No. 31: After I join second r o u n d o f c o u n s e l l i n g o f 1 5 %
A I Q c a n I l e a v e / r e s i g n t o j o i n s t a t e q u o t a / p r i v a t e
c o l l e g e s e a t ?
Ans: Once you join second round seat from 15% All India Quota, you will
not be allowed to resign from allotted 2nd round seat as per direction by
Hon’ble supreme court in WP(C) (267/2017) 09/05/2017.

Q. No. 33: If I give consent for up-gradation of my choice during the second
round and if my choice is allotted, is it necessary to join at college
allotted during second round? 
Or in case I change my decision of upgrading
choice, can I continue study in college allotted through first round of
Ans: In case candidate is allotted seat during the second round of allotment
process ,the seat allotted during the first round will be automatically cancelled
immediately (and allotted to somebody else) and candidate will have to join the
college/seat allotted during second round after obtaining online generated
relieving letter from college allotted in Round-1. If candidate does not join the
college/seat allotted during the second round, within stipulated period, as per
schedule, from the date of allotment, the candidate will forfeit his/her allotted
seat and will not be considered for subsequent rounds of seat allotment. Seat
can also be upgraded in the same college (same course) by the change of
category (i.e. ST/SC/OBC to UR) in such a case also the candidate has to
take fresh admission on the upgraded seat, as per procedure.

Q. No 34: If I give the option to participate in second round at the time of
joining college from first round allotment, but later change my decision and
want to continue study at already allotted Medical /Dental College, what is
the procedure to avoid change (cancellation) of already allotted
Ans: If a candidate does not submit fresh choice(s) during the choice submission
period before the second round of counseling, such a candidate will retain the
already allotted seat. If candidate is not allotted any seat from the submitted
choices during the round-2, then also the candidate will retain her/his earlier
allotted seat.

Q. No. 35: If I forget my password that I have created during the process
of registration, how to retrieve it?

Ans: To retrieve the forgotten password, system facilitates the following
The candidate is required to enter the information that he/she filled at the
time of registration and then security question & answer thereon to be entered
as given during New Candidate registration process. The above data submitted
by candidate will be validated with the registered candidates’ database. If
the above entries match, then only the candidate would be permitted to enter
new password to proceed further.
 Candidates are advised to remember the password, Security question &
its chosen answer and also retain their application form printout ready till
completion of admission process. It is not possible for MCC to retrieve
such password.

Q. No. 36: In case I have Birth Certificate / Caste Certificate/ other
certificate(s) in regional language, will it be acceptable at the time of

Ans: Certificates issued by the competent authority on standard format, should
be in English or Hindi language. Please remember that some of the states
insist for certificate in English language only. Candidates are advised to carry
certified (attested) Copy of English version of the original certificate, in case
certificate issued is in other than English language, along with original

Q. No. 37: If there is discrepancy in spelling of name in documents and
application form, what do I do?

Ans: If there is discrepancy in spelling of name in documents, candidate must
carry proof that the documents belongs to same person, in the form of an
Q. No. 38: Can I get Information Bulletin of AIPMT/NEET published by
Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) for admission to 15% of total
seats on all-India basis?
Ans: Copy of prospectus/information Bulletin is available on CBSE website.

Q. No. 39: What about condition of Stipend/fee structure /
course duration/bond amount/rendering of service in rural/tribal area/
other conditions applicable in various Colleges/ States.

Ans: MCC collects the college information from the participating States for
the benefit of the participating candidates. The same is made available of
MCC website under heading of College Information. Candidates are advised
to study the same.
Stipend /fee structure/ course duration / bond amount / rendering of
service in rural / tribal area/ other conditionalities etc. may vary from State
to State and Institute to Institute. Some seats may be approved/ permitted
but not yet recognized by MCI/DCI. The allotment made through online
allotment process will be firm and final as per Hon'ble Supreme Court's
guidelines. Therefore, the candidates should well examine these points before
opting for a seat at a medical college. The Medical Counseling Committee (MCC)
shall neither be responsible nor shall entertain any case on above grounds, if
any. The information received from various participating Medical / Dental
Colleges has been made available on Medical Counseling Committee (MCC) under
College Information heading. Candidates are advised to visit the website of
college/ institution also to check the information. In case they require any
additional information, they can contact the college/institution on the telephone.

Q. No.40: How to use Registration and Choice filling form on the website?

Ans: Candidates will have to log on to website (which will be
operational shortly) to get registered and then fill in choices. Please study 
counseling schedule carefully. It is advised that after going through the list of
seats available, a tentative list may be prepared first as per your preference of
colleges, before attempting to fill choices on-line. Candidates are advised to
read and understand user manual for the candidates carefully before

Q. No. 41: Is there any medical college which admits only Girls.

Ans: Yes, at present there are two medical colleges exclusively for Girls, namely
Lady Hardinge Medical College, Delhi and BPS Govt. Medical College, Sonepat.

Q. No. 42: Difficulty in login, what may be the problem(s)?

Ans: Please read User Manual for the candidates. Follow the instructions about
use of browser, use of same spellings, same format of date (Use digits for day,
month and year with – in between) as in application form submitted to CBSE,
New Delhi. The internet connection should be uninterrupted. If internet
connection interruption takes place, the IP address which is being monitored by
the Counseling Software, will change and session expired message will be
displayed. In such case, please try to login from other computer having
uninterrupted internet connection from which other candidate(s) has logged in
successfully, if possible.
Q No. 43: I have difficulty in creating Password, what may be the
Ans: Creation of password should be as per password policy. Please follow the
password policy. Please use the internet browser as suggested in user manual, as
it is difficult to login from some of the other browsers. While creating
password avoid using Caps Lock key, instead of Caps Lock key, use shift key.
Q. No. 44: When I try to login for choice filling/ submission, it say wrong
roll number/ password, what may be problem(s)?
Ans: This can happen if roll number typed is incorrect or password typed is
incorrect. Password is case sensitive, therefore use password which was
created by user exactly same as typed while creating. In case password is
forgotten, try to retrieve password by using security question and its answer.

Q. No.45: What are the guidelines for fresh choice filling before second
round of online allotment process?

Ans: Please remember that if any seat is allotted (in round-2) from the choice
filled in by the candidate before 2nd Round of Counseling, the seat
allotted during 1st round will be automatically cancelled. Therefore, the
candidates are advised to fill in choice carefully for seats which are of higher
preference than the earlier allotted seat. Candidates are not required to fill
up seat which is already allotted to them (already joined), in their choices
during Round-2

Q. No. 46: Can I modify my choices during the period of “Exercising of
Choices and Locking” (during first round) and “Fresh Choice submission and
locking for 2nd

Ans: Yes, you can modify, add or delete your choices during this period, before
you lock your choices. But once you lock your Choices then you cannot modify.
However, the registration (of New Users) is permitted up to specific date as
mentioned in Counseling Schedule.

Q. No. 47: If I do not lock my choices up to 5.00 PM of the last date of
locking, what will happen to my choices?

Ans: The choices submitted and saved by you will be locked by the system at
5.00 PM of the last date of locking.

Q. No. 48: How can I get print out of my choices which system has

Ans: After 5.00 PM of last date of locking/ after locking of choices by the
system, you will be able to take a printout of your submitted choices, during the
first and second round of seat allotment and admission. You will also be able
to see your locked choices and able to take a print out of the same at allotted
Medical / Dental College at the time of admission on request.

Q. No. 49: If I opt to participate in second round of counseling whether
my allotted seat (of first round) will be cancelled?

Ans: In case you are not allotted any seat in the second round, you will retain
earlier allotted seat. However on allotment of a seat in second round, the
earlier allotted seat will automatically be cancelled and allotted to another
candidate. Therefore, you are advised to fill in only higher choices or any other
choice which you prefer over the earlier allotted seat, for second round.

Q. No. 50: If I get an up-graded seat during second round, can I join
that college directly?

Ans: No, you will have to get online generated relieving letter from the earlier
institute/ college (from MCC software - will be given by the college authority),
before you join the next college/institution. Without such relieving letter
candidate will not be permitted to join the seat allotted in round-2

Q. No. 51: In case I get an upgraded seat but in the same college,
because of change of category, (e.g. from SC or ST to UR category) do I
have to take admission on the allotted seat again?

Ans: Yes, you have to get a relieving letter generated on-line for the earlier
seat and then get an admission letter again generated on-line

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