Top 5 Best ways to feel positive,inspirational and motivational

Top 5 Best ways to feel positive,inspirational and motivational 

This article is related How to feel positive ,inspirational and motivational when you start your day in the morning and stay motivated throughout the day and stay smiling Every One wants to feel Awesome in everyday life either you are working professional or student or  teacher doesn't matter what your profession is or where you are living Here I'm sharing Five Best way to feel positive ,inspirational and motivational I assure you this is the effective way when you start realize what you got positive result in your life in day to basis

Top 5 Best way to feel positive ,Inspirational and Motivational 

1.Self -Love :-This is the best way to start loving anything in this world whenever you start Loving yourself from that time you start knowing own self & you start exploring in positive direction with new enthusiasm & positive meditation is especially comforting and uplifting for me .

Allow her to feel and express what she is going through and grieve when she needs to. Let him know that you are always there to listen and to love him.

Gratitude Notice when you are not depressed and take the time to be fully present in those moments and appreciate them. Notice how it feels in your body to not be depressed.
Now that I am more aware of when I am feeling good, when depression hits, I know that I am not always depressed. 

In your mind’s eye, place negative thoughts on leaves and watch them gently float away downstream, or place the troubling words on cars of a freight train and watch them zoom away.
When I do these exercises, I place distance between myself and what is bothering me, and I feel lighter.

5.Notice how you feel in your body when you are upset:- 

As you observe your unpleasant sensations, name them. For instance, I feel heaviness in my chest, I feel like crying, my arms are warm, my head feels like it’s going to explode, my stomach hurts, my muscles are tight.
As you simply allow your sensations to be, you will notice that they start to dissipate on their own. Try it. You will be amazed.

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