Self improvement strategies

Self-improvement strategies

Self-improvement is the improvement of one’s mind, knowledge, status or character by one’s own efforts. Self-improvement can be realized through little planning, discipline, and commitment. It requires focus and courage to make necessary changes. Most importantly, one must have an honest and fervent desire for improvement. A self-improvement plan is a life- long process that changes with one’s growth and experiences. Self –confidence influences one’s ability to put his/her self-improvement in progress. Self-esteem brings about self-improvement, true self-analysis and determination. A self-awareness exercise can be helpful to identify personal and professional goals. Personal goals relate to you as an individual whereas professional goals relate to your carrier. Self-awareness is about understanding yourself, your actions, feelings, interactions and thoughts. Self-awareness requires reflection and the reflection can be undertaken by you or with others. One has to perform a SWOT analysis through which anyone can identify his / her strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats through reflection and analysis.

This is all about Self improvement strategies
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Self-improvement steps

1. Identify and define the characteristic to be changed. Do a self-analysis.

2. Gather information and formulate a strategy for this change.

3. Develop an action plan outlining the steps to be undertaken.

4. Practice this strategy actively. Make consistent progress.

5. Evaluate your progress periodically. If you experience difficulty, revisit your action plan and adjust if necessary.

Self – improvement requires learning. Depends upon the character to be changed, your learning activity must focus on learning new knowledge or a new skill or a new attitude. Self-improvement may require hard work over a long period of time. More importantly, self-improvement needs genuine motivation and consistent effort.

Self improvement strategies
Image is all about Self-improvement strategies, power of positivity

Self-improvement goals

Self-improvement is a great goal. Setting objectives, both short- and long-term makes one feel both optimistic and in control. Goals give a direction to the enthusiasm and they point out to the end results. ABC goals are goals that are actionable, bounded and compelling. Actionable goals are goals that can be acted upon. They are behavior-related and are relative. You can plan a way to achieve them. Bounded goals are measurable. One can measure progress toward achieving them. One can develop a time frame for achieving these goals based on one’s actionable plan. Compelling goals compel or force one to action. Goals must truly be important for anybody towards achieving them.

Make constant improvement, a way of life.
Life is a state of mind. You communicate through your mind to discover the world around you. And your world around you responds according to the manner in which you think, feel and believe.
Walter P.Chrysler said: "Some people create their own opportunities; Others go where opportunities are the greatest; Others fail to recognize the opportunity when they are faced with it,"

Perspective (outlook)

Perspective is seeing things in their right prospect. It all depends on how you look at things. Learn to find the good in everything. Change your thoughts into more empowering ones. Look at the true nature of things. see them as they are.

Lifelong learning

Life wide learning is the ongoing and self-motivated pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. It is the learning that is pursued throughout our life. Life long learning is flexible, diverse and available at different times and in different places. As Thomas J.Powell said, "Education does not end at any point in our lives; it is an ongoing journey to be carried with us every day throughout our lives."

Self - directed learning 

The most essential component of the self in relation to learning is self-seen-as-learner. Self-directed learners demonstrate a greater awareness of their responsibility in learning meaningful life lessons and monitoring themselves. Self-directed learners are motivated, persistent, independent, self-disciplined, self-confident and goal-oriented. they are curious and willing to try new things.

Accelerated learning

Two skills – fast learning and clear thinking –are the key to 21st-century personal skills. Accelerated learning is the ability to absorb and understand new information quickly and retain that information. Accelerated learning makes learning an enjoyable, successful and satisfying experience. It includes both right brain processing and left brain processing. Accelerated learning means learning faster and remembering more.
Quotes for self -reflection

"Learning is the beginning of wealth.
  Learning is the beginning of health.
  Learning is the beginning of spirituality.
  Searching and learning are where the miracle process all begins." - Jim Rohn.

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