VoIP services for small & medium sized business

To be honest, VoIP is fairly a recent technology. It has many synonyms as IP Telephony, Voice over broadband VOBB, Internet Telephony and Broadband phone. It started with a company named Vocaltec back in 1995, they pioneered in this field and it connected mic and speaker of both the user but both the sides needed to be on the same software. In 1998 same company started with a computer for telephone calls. Communication plays a vital role in growing small and medium-sized businesses(SMBs). But different organizations have different needs. So before going for the best VoIP service for SMBs, I will walk you through the features of VoIP/ Cloud telephony you should be looking for:

VoIP enables your team to stay in constant touch with customers or team members. This is possible via desktop, web and mobile apps that ensure seamless and uninterrupted communication. VoIP liberates your team from the confinement of physical location and fixed landlines.

With an internet connection, calls can be made everywhere from anywhere and anytime. VoIP completely ensures this freedom.

There is no need for extra hardware installation. Using VoIP, calls can be made from your system or mobile phone. You don’t need hardware like landlines, servers and telephone wires. All the data will be stored in cloud storage instead of some in-house system. So, the cost of setting up in-house storage for storing call details is absolutely zero.

For a growing business, it’s a must to have a telephony solution that is scalable and flexible. VoIP or cloud telephony ensures that you don’t have to waste time on trivial tasks like setting more connections and numbers. Also, you don’t need the IT team to set-up a new connection for every new team member.

For every new team member, you can easily get a new number with just a few clicks.

For a growing business, reliability is of utmost importance. You can not afford to have a communication system that often crashes. Cloud telephony ensures that your sales and support is always there for the customers.

JustCall is the best cloud phone solution for small and medium-sized enterprises. Many of the SMBs with a high growth plan use JustCall as a calling and texting solution for their sales and support teams.

VoIP services for small & medium sized business

Features of JustCall:

Get phone number in 70+ countries, in a click. Numbers available with JustCall are toll-free, local and mobile numbers
CRM and Helpdesk integrations: 
Call logging, 
Click to call button in CRM, 
saving notes of ongoing calls in CRM

Call Forwarding and DistributionSMS: Bulk SMS, SMS automation, SMS bot
Sales dialer software: Auto Dialer, Predictive DialerAnalytics, Call monitoring, call recording, call barging and whispering.

There are multiple other features like voicemail drop, IVR, dynamic number insertion and others.

All the call related details will be automatically logged in your CRM if you are using a VoIP solution. This removes the monotonous work of recording and logging the call related details.

Features like auto-dialer and predictive dialer let your team breeze through a list of outbound calls.

 It can be used to automatically dial, leave messages(voicemails), 
or request information
 from prospects 
or customers.

 Auto-dialer is usually implemented when manual dialing is taking away the agent’s time. Avoiding disconnected lines and voicemails saves a lot of sales agent time. This can increase per agent daily outbound calls by 23-37%.

68% of customers abandon companies because of bad customer services.

It’s cloud-based
It’s easy to exploit and is more affordable than an on-premise call center.

All your data is stored in the cloud, so you don’t need to worry about losing it in case of a system shutdown, thus, no additional expenses.

What’s more, a cloud-based call center is very flexible: it allows your agents to get access to the platform from anywhere in the world.

2. It helps teams to stay efficient thanks to its features:

Make sure you choose tools that help your team to stay efficient. With Crazycall:

CrazyCall is web-based telephony - there’re no installation processes, simply register and start using the application.

Numbers from 75+ countries, you can call to London using the UK number, while being located in the US.

Live Dashboard - analyze and optimize performance in real-time using inbound and outbound call analytics.
Call recordings - every call you make is saved, you can listen to and analyze it later.

Script builder - create customized call scenarios, be prepared for your calls and do not forget a single line.
Integration with other programs is available, incl. Zapier and Pipedrive
The support team is available 24/7.
The best calling app for a small or medium business is the one that helps your team sell more and stay efficient at a reasonable cost.

The integration of cloud telephony(VoIP) with help desk solutions provides the super feature of accessing details of the caller.

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It offer a world-class cloud-based communications service managing more than 15 million calls each month. Building our own in-house technology platform we have removed the need for third-party software, that many of our competitors still rely on. We own, manage and maintain 24/7/365 a fault-tolerant, highly scalable, fail-safe, redundant infrastructure, guaranteeing your business the most advanced and reliable communications network available.

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