While speaking for Digital Marketing Course’s

While speaking for Digital Marketing Course’s it comes to personal choice or what mode of delivery you like? They are:

1. Youtube Based Lessons like this:
2. Online training delivery platforms such as these:
a. Udemy
b. Skillshare
c. Lynda
3. One to One Online Courses from Extensive Ideas Academy.
Here is the Trainers Profile:
Mr Omkar Nath Nandi IIM, Calcutta Alumnus Delivered Training at IIM, Calcutta, IIT, Kharagpur, Army Insititute of Management, Kolkata and for Montpellier University.
Working for last One Decade I have worked on more than 500+ projects and trained more than 300+ students. The learning and experience earned during these years are impeccable and just waiting to be shared.

While speaking for Digital Marketing Course’s

Here are few Digital Marketing platforms under Extensive Ideas:
  • What is digital marketing - Ranked In 1000+ Keywords in Google with 20,00,000 Yearly Impression What is digital Marketing
  • Extensive Ideas - Ranked in Hundreds of Keywords and boasting of a very high Domain Authority.
  • Extensive Ideas Academy - Trained more than 300+ students across the world who are now well settled in the digital marketing industry.
  • MONTPELLIER University - Worked with Montpellier University to train their Graduate Students in Digital Marketing.
  • Million Times Viewed Writer in Quora: Achieved the Million Views Milestone in One Year currently at 1.9 Million.
  • Sunanda’s Kitchen: From creating content to driving traffic till date we have generated more than 7,00,000 Minutes of views for the channel.
4. You can even join regular classes offered by many institutes in many cities like the one Extensive Ideas Academy Offers in Kolkata.
5. You can even learn from online content sources such as
  • MOZ Blog
  • Search Engine Land
  • Google’s Blog
6. Learn from Google’s free course Digital Garage
Now whatever the sources you pick up considering your ease of access and time to study and learn here are a few subjects that you should start from basic and then practice and move ahead to become expert.
To learn and understand what is digital marketing you need to go from basic like this.
Once you have reached a stage where you have earned an amount of knowledge on all the above subjects from any of the resources build your own blog and start building content.
Here are a few steps for moving to advanced digital marketing:
  1. Build your own website, Extensive Ideas Academy brings for you extended learning of building your own website with a live access to learning resources.
  2. Once your website is ready to make sure there is a blog or install a blog. You can either build the website using WordPress or keep the blog section in WordPress, but having a section in WordPress is very important as almost 30% or website on web runs on it. And if you don’t know how to work on Wordpress based sites then it will become a hurdle.
  3. Once that is done create all social media pages in the following social sites:
4. Once you have all the social sites page’s and profiles ready start sharing content in them using first Hootsuite and then manually as Hootsuite free account will provide you 3 sites composite access and 30 free posts schedule that means you can schedule 10 posts at any time for 3 social media platforms through Hootsuite and in the rest of the sites you will need to share manually.
5. Once all these steps are completed you must start learning HTML, CSS, Photoshop and any video editing tool it will help you in executing things and collaborate with the digital marketing team.
6. Now after starting from a scratch you have come to a distance and growing to become a pro digital marketeer very soon, they only thing you have not used is PPC the pay per click marketing.
7. Setup a facebook marketing campaign using free facebook training materials available online.
8. Once that is done start learning Google PPC from Google Online Marketing Challenge.
For Server, website template, practical guidance keep Extensive Ideas Academy with you. They also provide certification and help you get an internship and the final job as well.
Now you have a well laid down and detail Digital Marketing Training Plan for 2020 to follow. If you follow this and implement then no one can stop you from becoming an expert Digital Marketeer.

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