The origin of this world

The origin of this world

There are many questions related to the origin of this world that bothers the seekers of Truth. 

How did this world come into being? 

Who created this world? 

What is this world made of?
 Is this world real or just an illusion? 

Who am I?

The fact is that no one has seen the origin of this world. All the theories and philosophies are based on research and analysis only. If you are interested to know about the origin of the world for the sake of worldly knowledge, then there are many scientific theories about the same. But for a spiritual seeker, the understanding of the origin of the world is meaningful only when it brings the seeker closer to the creator of the world; only when such understanding brings forth inner peace by settling the doubts.   

In order to gain understanding of the creation of this world and its creator, Vedas describe a very logical philosophy at length. Over the periods of thousands of years many Self realized Vedantic Saints had propounded this theory in simple words to the seekers. One of such Saint, scientist, astrologer and numerologist was Varahamihira. He was one of the nine jewels of the court of legendary King Vikramaditya in India during 6th century. There are a couple of interesting accounts when he described the evolution of the world in simple and logical manner.

Once, the King of Iran (during 6th century) invited him to Iran. After spending a few days in Iran as a royal guest, the King invited him to his palace to discuss the philosophy of Vedanta. The King said, “Dear Varahamihira, I have read a log of Indian scriptures which describes the theory of Vedanta. I came to understand that as per Vedanta, the creator of the world and the material (cause) of this world is the same. I fail to comprehend that. How could that be true?”

Varahamihira replied, “That is correct my Lord. Vedas describes that for any creation, there are two causes – one is called Nematic Kaaran or the creator cause and the other is, the Upadaan Kaaran  or the material cause.”

“I understood that part. For example let’s take the example of a pot. The creator of the pot or the potter is the Nematic Kaaran or the creator cause. And the earth from which the pot is made is the Upadaan Kaaran  or the material cause. So if there is a world then there must be two – the creator of this world and the material from which this world is made.”

Varahamihira started smiling and replied, “Sir, let’s take example of a spider-net. What do you think is the creator cause and the material cause?”

“In this case, it is the same – the spider. The spider net is created by the spider and the material used is also spider itself. But how could that be true in case of the world,” asked the King.

“My Lord, let’s take another example – your dreams. In the dreams you are the creator cause and you are the material cause as well. All the mountains, rivers, trees, people etc. in your dream are made up of your mental stream and you are the creator as well.”

The King nodded in affirmation.

Varahamihira continued, “Before the birth of this world, only the creator, the God, the Sat-Chit-Ananda (Eternal-Conscious-Blissful) energy existed. Nothing else. Then very slowly this world came into existence from the same source and by the same source. So the creator cause and the material cause of this world is the one which is inside you and which is all around you, everywhere, in every being – living and non-living. That omnipresent God is known as Parmatma or Par-Brahm in the Vedas. In Vedas, such a cause of creation is called Abhin-Upaadaan-Nemetic Kaaran.”

There is one more account, which clarifies the concept of the presence of the Truth, the God everywhere. Once in the court of the King Vikramaditya, another minister challenged Varahmihira to prove that God is prevalent everywhere, in every being – living and non-living, in space and beyond that.

Varahmihira asked the minister, “what is your clothes made of?”

“These clothes are made of silk.”

“Even my clothes are made of silk. However, your clothes are red and mine are yellow. Still, what is the common factor in all the silk clothes?”

“Of course, it is the silk,” answered the minister.

“Now look at the gold jewelry that all the ministers in this court are wearing. What do you think is the common factor in all the objects around us – be it the silk cloth or the gold jewelry?”
The minister thought for a moment and answered, “It must be the atom. Atoms are the building block of all the objects in this world.”

Varahmihira nodded in affirmation and then said, “Absolutely, I agree with you. Atom is the building block of all the objects that can be felt with the help of our senses. Now, tell me what could be the common factor in the whole of the universe – in space, in sun, in the moon, in light, in rivers, in trees, in living beings, in you, in King Vikramaditya and in me.”

There was complete silence in the court for a moment. And then the minister replied, “If we could find that particle then we can find the process of origination of this world. That would be God-particle.”

Varahmihira replied with a smile on his face, “That is what is Truth is or some call it the God. It is beyond our five senses and even beyond this mind. It is subtle than even the mind and the intellect. It can only be realized by the Self. Go to a Self-relaized one, listen to their talks, perform some Self-analysis in seclusion, meditate and then you might get the glimple of that all-pervading Truth.”  

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