Setting the Target: At first of the function of leadership is to determine the target. On the basis of the policies of the organization. In fact, a leader provides guidance to a group of the people by setting goals. In any business organization, a leader has accountability to decide about the target. and after that, the target which is decided by the leader is implemented by a group of people. Who is working in the organization? On the whole, it is clear that a leader provides guidance to the group of people by setting the target. It is an essential function of a leader.

To strive towards the goal: The another function of a leadership ostensibly to accomplish the organisational goal. Which is decided by himself. In fact a leader has an responsibility to strive the Whole activities & events towards the goal. As we know that the main objective or goals of a leader is to earn more and more Profit. But to earn more & more profit it is very essential that all the activities & events must be concerned with the Organisational goal. But its may be possible when a leader is to do the all activities towards the goal. Hence, it is clear that the function of a leader is to strive the whole activities towards the goal.

Policy Maker: It is a Very Vital Function of a Leader. The Policy of the any organization is made by a leader. In fact a leader has a responsibility to determine the policies of the Organization. Because all the activities of the organization is done on the basic of  the Policies of the Organization. Hence, It is very essential that the Policies of the Organization must be in the favor of organization. On the other side. If the Policies of the organization is not in the favour of the organization then such kind of Organization can't survive a long time. It is the duty of a leader is to make a policy of the organization. Which is in the favour of him. On the whole it is Clear that as a policy maker it is an essential function of a leader.

Motivation: One of the most essential function of a leader is Motivation. How to motivate a group of the people who are working in the organization for the Purpose of accomplishing organizational goal. In fact Motivation is an important weapon of a leader by which he can establish unity & coordination among-st the group of people. Who are working in the organization for the purpose of getting things done. So that it is clear that motivation must be required in the organization to do the various activities in the proper direction. On the other hand in the absence of a motivation tool a leader can't do any activity in the proper direction. Hence, it is Clear that motivation is one of the most important functions of a leader. 

To determine different activities: In the context of the functions of a leader the determination of different activities is an important function. As we know that is any business organization their different types of activities is done by the different types of peoples. It is the liability of the leader to determine the different activities & to divide the activities among-st the employees on the basis of their ability. In the absence of such function an organization can't achieve his own Objective in the proper way. On the whole it is clear that by dint of this function a leader can achieve his goal very smoothly. 

To bring Economy in Operations: By the process of leadership, a leader can bring the economy in various operations. Which is done in the Organization. As we know that under the organization there are different types of operations & activities is done by different types of the employees Hence, it is the duty of a leader to bring economy in all operations of the organization by dint of their own ability. So that it is that to bring the economy on operations leadership functions is required.   


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