What is [ Entrepreneurial competencies ] and its elements with Behavior and How to use it in organization

What is [ Entrepreneurial competencies ] and its elements with Behavior and How to use it in organization

 Here we share about  topic namely entrepreneurial

competencies and element and entrepreneurial


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 Definition of Entrepreneur : The French origin 

of the word

entrepreneur connotes to business head

who assumes an indispensable(very important) role in the

economic development of a country.

 An Entrepreneur is groomed well based on

the circumstances that expose him to the

requisite opportunities and resources.

 An Entrepreneur who makes the best

strategic plan of bridging both the

opportunities and the available

resources persistently and undoubtedly

holds on to the wings of corporate

victories at all times it is once enter

per enterprising Skills that acts as a

magic world for once corporate success

the anecdote of a blind beggar who

didn't get any money but gain the pity

of a possible enterprising skills would

serve a right .

Example : Here there was a

blind beggar who was begging for his

bread with a cardboard inscription

stating I am blind

please help but none Tuukka notice of

him a passerby who happens to be gone

this beggar takes his cardboard and

wrote on the other side it's a beautiful

day . you can see it but I cannot this

moving statement gains a good sum of

money for that blind beggar the

noteworthy point here is the

enterprising statement written by the

passerby in fact the phenomenal success

of an entrepreneur .

Actually depends on

the behavior and competency level of

that entrepreneur it is here the

question about entrepreneurial compute

these arises to use Callaghan's

Definition entrepreneurial behavior : is the subset of 

entrepreneurial activities

concerned with understanding predicting

and influencing individual behavior in

entrepreneurial settings .

First Entrepreneurial competency :

Corporate ingenuity

 refers to the adeptness

of the entrepreneurs corporate ingenuity

corporate leadership corporate diplomacy

quality consciousness and

entrepreneurial mindset corporate

ingenuity is the prime quality of

entrepreneurial competencies

generally speaking .

Second Entrepreneurial competency : 

Corporate intelligence

depends on the way of one's

positive  approach to any business

situation this may be well comprehended.

Example of Two Salesman :  Exemplification once

there lived a shoe manufacturer who asks

couple of a salesman to explore their

business potential in a nearby country.

both of them observed that the place

where they had been sent did not possess

the least knowledge about wearing shoes.

on their written to the master

the first salesman reported that there

had been no chance of establishing their

business as those people didn't have an

awareness about shoes whereas 

the second salesman said that that was the best

suitable place for the establishing

their business as those people would

love and enjoy the comfort of shoes if

introduced .

the second salesmen shall be

appreciated here for his corporate

ingenuity at this instant corporate

ingenuity perhaps refers to the

competitive intelligence of an

entrepreneur who sets himself in

observing the business prospects

mustering or gathering information about

the pros and cons of the business and

comprehending the demand for their

products besides executing the strategic

business plans of the organization

successfully next we come to corporate

leadership corporate leadership is

wrongly assumed

to be an occupation or designation most

of the times as a matter of fact

corporate leadership is the prominent

adeptness imbibed by any entrepreneur to

be triumphant in the corporate world it

is a responsibility that every

entrepreneur shoulders it requires the

precocious knowledge of a corporate

leader who could holistically view every

employee along with his or her attitude

expertise interests and personal profile

from the top to bottom a good leader.

Always knows about the smart ways of

work execution and work distribution in

the organization. 

the employees field of

expertise is always taken into account

by the best corporate leader before work

allotment this quality actually reduces.

the burden and unnecessary moderation of

the entrepreneur

therefore corporate leadership skill

shall be observed as the second

indispensable entrepreneurial.

Competencies of every corporate for

instance the corporate tycoon and

recipient of Padma Bhushan in 2008 and

Padma Bhushan in 2000 Mr. Ratan Tata is

stated to have raised the profits of his

industries 50 times during 21 years of

ass corporate involvement it seems his

courage of investment in various traits

besides his focus and choice of right

industrial arena for investments shall

be inferred or understood by many entrepreneurs

Third Entrepreneurial competencies  

Corporate diplomacy  

Corporate diplomacy is the third phase of all the

primordial competencies to be discussed

this quality shall be simply defined as

the capacity of the corporate to say s

and know in the appropriate business

context here the entrepreneur needs

desirable discretion to decide on what

can make the business flourish to

understand the business structure an

entrepreneur has to acquire a dick

experience on corporate diplomacy and

emotionally well-balanced entrepreneur.

has the optimum opportunity of

practicing corporate diplomacy this

potentiality has its roots in the cool

and stress-free attitude of an

entrepreneur at all times

so that the decisions made in the

corporate always served towards the

progress of an organization sometimes.

this corporate diplomacy also results an

adverse effect of one sector of the

corporate in such a situation to

safeguard the industrial output

holistically .

The entrepreneur is pushed

to an extreme to make decisions this

actually reminds the owl and the most

story where the mouse seeks the help of

a wise Holly to get away from or get out

of a forest in which it is trapped at

that situation the only in fact says or

gives advice to the mouse to grow wings

of course it is certainly incredible.

However, here the mouse which loses its

last hope with the whole will certainly

find its own way out is the real logic

practiced as corporate diplomacy at very

vulnerable business contexts and

situations today it is the necessity

that leads one towards great


 most of the times at that

and that has come true in many cases

alsonow we are discussing quality

consciousness the best a venue of an

entrepreneurial success shall be

attained through

Fourth entrepreneurial competency :

 Quality consciousness 

of the end product

quality consciousness is not a cakewalk

it is framed on the foundation of the

holistic industrial commitment and

sincerity of the employees when the

employees are highly satisfied with the

corporate norms and the quality of the

product naturally gets when it is

manufactured naturally stands the full

proof for its quality the

characteristics does not only uplift the

profile of an industry but also of the


on the other facet when an entrepreneur

gives prime importance to the quality of

the end product the job of advertisement

is taken up very easily by the consumers

willing propaganda about the product

this gives a serendipitous progress to

the business by uplifting the profile of

the entire group of the organizations.

also it is noteworthy that any big

corporate has a small beginning points

big or small does not matter it is the

case of investments and the quality

consciousness that takes the business

towards Heights this shall be deciphered

from an anecdote where a cardiologist

takes his car to a car mechanics garage.

to set it right there

the chief mechanic instructs a noise to

set it right by narrating the process of

it and the tools to be used in few

seconds the car is set right and the

bill is submitted to the cardiologist

for payment as the bill seemed to bear

an unimaginable high payment the doctor

says it is atrocity to charge that much

of a payment for a simple work the

mechanic immediately makes a general

comparison with a big figure in medical

bills given by the doctors for simple

treatments for which the doctor replies

the mechanic's mechanics work is not a

meshing mechanics usually work on

machines when they are not plugged into

electricity but where is a doctor he

works on human missions in in its full

vitality and that makes the difference

justifies the doctor because it is very

easy when the machine is not plugged in

it is very easy to work on a mission

when a machine is running it is highly

risky and difficult to work on a mission

that's what the doctor in techs telling

for which the doctor immediately derp as

soon as the doctor tells this the garage

man replies doctor we can work on dead

missions to bring it alive can you is

the question asked by the garage owner

the doctor gets stunned by the mechanics

query and leaves the garage by paying

his bill silently

big or small the quality consciousness

of a work speaks for a long time is the

model conveyed here as the

Fifth entrepreneurial competency :  

Grenoble mindset 

component we are now discussing on the

Grenoble mindset this entrepreneurial

mindset shall be addressed as the winner

mindset in fact this winner mindset is

the crucial part of an entrepreneur's

corporate success to state that

precisely the corporate mindset has a

strong roots on certain essential

entrepreneurial qualities like

assertiveness self motivation

determination commitment focus

goal-setting systematic planning

prioritization of work plan execution

and entrepreneurial stability for


Reliance Industries without

Padma Vibhushan dhirubhai ambani 

Infosys without Padma Vibhushan n R Narayana


vest an Indian vegetable products

called the probe without as impress G

are unimaginable without these

entrepreneurs associated with their

respective industries what has made

these business tycoons so special to

occupy the space coverage of several

reputed magazines if pondered well the

answer is naturally their

Entrepreneurial mindset which comprises

assertiveness self motivation

determination commitment focus

goal-setting systematic planning

prioritization of work plan execution

and entrepreneurial stability this

entrepreneurial stability actually

arises from

 the entrepreneurial behavior

which shall be discussed elaborately not

this in fact is the second fact of the

 entrepreneurial behavior is

perceived as an entrepreneur's attitude

in observing the consumer behavior on

both psychological and sociological

facets of the business a thorough

understanding of entrepreneurial

behavior is both an art and science

while the strategic approach to human

behavior is considered to

science the practical exposure of the

behavioral knowledge serves to be an art

to state in other words 


behavior is an essential and fundamental

psychological knowledge of an

entrepreneur to stick on firmly to his

or her incessant or continuous

industrial success

here arises a query 

why the entrepreneurial behavior is considered ?

significant to be comprehended this

shall be justified with the Frog and

scorpion anecdote once there lived a

scorpion and a frog together and the

Scorpion goes and seeks the help of the

Frog to cross a flooded river the Frog

was scared to take the scorpion on its

back and says if I carried you on my

back you would sting me to death but the

Scorpion replied.

 why I would sting you

then the both have to save our lives

both the lights is at stake and unless

otherwise we cross the river as the

replay of the Scorpion seemed very

sensible to the frog the frog accepts to

the deal and the Frog carries the

scorpion on its back half the way

through the Scorpion had stung the frog

the frog ripping in pain asked the


why did you sting me even after knowing ?

it would do both of us to death the

Scorpion replied my nature and attitude

is to sting and I had done the same and

this vulnerable and irresistible

situation so I had stung you said the

scorpion pathetically the inference from

here is a very strong understanding of

entrepreneurial behavior for taking

preventive measures to solve any

corporate crisis when an entrepreneur

was assessed the requisite

entrepreneurial behavior he or she

obviously has the understanding of

client or consumer behavior 

Number two

the interpretation of the client or consumer behavior

Number three foresight of the societal compulsion

Number four observation of triplicate

 behavioral pattern 

Number five identification of transformation

and consumers interest let's now get

started with all the five components to

be observed with a perspective to

enhance the entrepreneurial behavior as

the first component we are to discuss

understanding the consumer behavior.

concentrating on entrepreneurial

behavior perhaps opens the doors of

behavioral approach discussed in the

business management concepts

entrepreneurial competencies indeed rely

on the behavioral concepts of the human

beings this study has fixed at strong

roots on the behavioral knowledge of

human beings pursued through

observations on human behavior in fact

this behavior of knowledge is an

essential enterprising skill furthermore

both an animate and inanimate things

shall give clues about interest believes

and attitudes of human beings the

inanimate things used by human beings

prominently proclaim certain essential

information about them which may serve a

clue or a tool for a successful business

deal sometimes

Read more : Marketing Research

for instance a skinny the door-to-door

marketing person usually comprehends the

success of his business deal

every day by observing the footwear

cupboard that is kept outside every

house before pressing the calling bell

the clues about the number of members in

the family the proportionate mix of male

and female members the age group of

people who are living in the family

number of kids in the family the

economic status of a family and at

present how many members are available

in the family and all these things can

be holistically perceived by just

looking at the footwork aboard by the

door-to-door vendor so this is very easy

for the door-to-door vendor to make his

business very successful the second

component of the entrepreneurial

behavior is interpretation of consumer

behavior and all the planners

interpretation capacity of the consumer

behavior helps to promote and smoothly

maintain the business relationship

between each other offering freebies to

the consumers on buying their goods

allotment of rebate percentage on

certain specific purchases issuing smart

cards of that enterprise with credit

points to make the consumer fall back to

them for all further purchases are quite

a few instances where the consumer

behavior is well generalized by the

entrepreneur's in some of the big

garment industries of Tamilnadu.

especially in Coimbatore the consumers

who set themselves on perches are

offered free quality beverages

especially in the evenings this

naturally results in the flooding of

consumers to those shops the salesman of

these shops are trained by the

entrepreneurs to speak in a convincing

and cajoling manner to their customers

and consumers so that they will not walk

out of the shop after making just a

window shopping experience now thirdly

we come to see foresight of the societal

compulsion the foresight of the society

compulsion is a third component of the

entrepreneurial behavior the fundamental

awareness about the cycle completion for

a purchase of certain products 

becomes a

significant knowledge of an entrepreneur

prior to devising his or her business

plans the society in which the

entrepreneur lives perhaps forms a

strong based

entrepreneurial behavior this societal

factor has an equal role on the consumer

behavior also there they're a soap

manufacturer or a beverages producer

irrespective of the nature of the

business an entrepreneur is prone to

study the societal taboos societal

beliefs and societal anxiety before

marketing management the commodity 

a few ready-made

shops in Coimbatore district of Tamil

Nadu freely offer

oven fresh sweets to kits and perfume

the natural flowers like a white and

pink Jasmine's to the murdered women on

Fridays who visited shop the sentimental

attachment of thommeri married women in

this society and their societal belief

is well utilized by these entrepreneurs

of the garment industry located in

weimar the district of the murder

observation of triplicate behavior

pattern now this is a fourth component

which is to be discussed this confident

deals with the triplicate behavioural

pattern which is actually a cyclic.

process the interlinked cyclic

behavioral pattern opens an avenue to

identify three behavioral elements

namely individual behavior inter

individual behavior and the behavior of

organizations these three behavioral

patterns are interconnected and they may

be easily understood with the help of an


a person who commutes to his workplace

every day by train observes an idle man

on the platform from where he boards in

the Train one fine day the computer

calls the idle man and hands over force

or brings containers and asks him to

crush and push it into the recycle

machine kept in the station by the

recycle industry located in the city

this Irie man reluctantly goes to the

Machine and obeys instruction given by

the commuter.

immediately the mission heals him some

nominal amount with which he can order

at least a tea the next day the commuter

happens to see the man picking a ball

empty sovereigns containers after that

he was not at all seen on the platform

after a short span of one year on a

sultry day afternoon.

the commuter stops his bike up to take a

soft drink at a shop to his surprise he

finds the oil man in the cash counter

who offers a free drink to the commuter

as a sign of his indebtedness if we

closely analyzed the story the commuter

throws a psychological stimulus on the

Idleman to work by exposing him the

benefits of it here the behavior of the

organisation that persuades an employee

to work and scale Heights that shall be

inferred secondly the inter individual

behavior of both the men one in giving

and another in executing orders shall be

deciphered thirdly the idle man's

individual behavior is tapped to

progress in his career is also unveiled

similarly the organizational behavior

forms a psychological stimulus towards

enriching the work potential of every

individual as the fifth component now

discuss identification of transformation

in consumers interests the


component is identification of

transformation why do we discuss this

there is a reason understanding the

transformation transformation of

consumers interests above the commodity

available in the market.

best helps the entrepreneur to introduce

quality and utility based products in

the commodity market the transformation

of consumers increase of course paves

the way for appropriate sales strategies

to market the innovative products the

entrepreneurial behavior is set on full

swing in analyzing the demands of the

consumer and supplying their need

catering to the anticipation of the


in the frame of the corporate dogma is a

puzzling experienced almost all the

entrepreneurs as they have to wait and

watch the end results of their business

to summarize the entire lecture the

author primordial competencies are

studied under five major headings namely

corporate ingenuity corporate leadership

cartridge diplomacy quality

consciousness and entrepreneurial

mindset the lecture content

simultaneously focused on

entrepreneurial behavior where the

potentiality of an entrepreneur in

understanding the client or consumer

behavior interpreting the client or

consumer behavior foreseeing the

societal complexion observing the

triplicate behavioral pattern

identifying the transformation of

consumers interest all these things are

studied in addition to all these things

the entrepreneurial behavior comprises

both theoretical and practical

approaches we also need to know this can

be studied with understanding of

research applications that opens the

doors of organizational comprehension a

thorough knowledge on these two facets

of entrepreneurship namely

entrepreneurial competencies 


entrepreneurial behavior helped the

corporate heads to achieve their

corporate goals these corporate triumphs

actually sprout from the rational

thinking of the entrepreneurs and

commitment invested by the employees of

an organization precisely the

entrepreneurs rational thinking


the best behavior

among the employees progressive output

percentage resulting in admirable

turnover of an organization smart work

ambience of the corporate and the

aspirations of the employees to grow

along with the organization the

significant aspiration of the

entrepreneurial behaviour also states

explicitly and forecasts the

enterprising potentialities of 


behavior in general in short it provides

a strategic plan of action and the

attitudes of people employed in an

organization furthermore this study has

also given a hint on the indispensable

changes in 

human behavior

along with the changes and growth of the

technical world of the corporate hope

you all have found this lecture very

useful and content rich at this juncture

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