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Marketing management:-

"This article is all about marketing and the talk about markteing management Before starting this Article Let talk about marketing first. Marketing is Everywhere, but it is a bit tricky. In our daily life, we are doing marketing for Ourself as a customer or consumer. Whenever you are going to market to buy something for Our house or something needy. You have to communicate with two an individuals first with yourself and second, that is a shopkeeper. you spend your money on what you want to buy from a shop n what is marketing management with better understanding " 

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What is basic Meaning of Marketing? or What is the meaning of marketing in business?

(Consumer) expanding  Money = Product selling                                                                      by(Shop)

Now, Product is sold by selling professional to consumer He is 
Exchanging product and money b/w consumer and shopkeeper = Marketing. you can say Simple definition.

For Better understanding For Marketing is

Exchange(How Exchange work?)

1.B/w two parties
2.Each has something value for others.
3.Both have option to communication and delivery.
4. Both have right to reject exchange offer.
5.Both have trust to desirable deal


"The process Creating, communicating and delivering value to a customer and also required to manage the customer relationship and always try to maintain profitability for company or organization or small business it is applied in all the way."


              {Meeting needs profitability}

Marketing is not only selling 

Now ,What is going to be Marketed in Market 

Lets see

what is marketed?(Scope for marketing)


Who Markets?
 Marketers do Demand Management.

How Marketers do Demand Management ?
1.Customer Market :- Consumer,Business,non-profit,Global.
2.Marketplace :-In this 21st centuary marketplace is appears in two form but option b is more effective.
(a)Physical(offline way)

(b)Digital(Online way or Online Marketing):-It is most efficient way to sell product to the consumer or fullfill need of a customer in very small time.

Marketing Management ,Scope for marketing
this image is all about marketing, marketing management, marketed, Scope for marketing, 

What are the benefit of online Marketing or Digital Marketing in business?
What is work of digital Marketing or Online Marketing in Business?

Here ,Top 15 Benefits and Advantages of digital Marketing or Online Marketing 
Given Below

1.Increasing the Buying Power.
2.More Infromation available in single platform.
3.A greater variety of G&S(Goods and services) and P&S(Product and Services) in one Platform(platform meaning Here isWhich types of tools you have to sell your product like by making e-commerce website,through making mobile application or web application etc.)
4.Ability to Compare Product.
5.Ease in intracting and placing and receving orders.
7.Customer Empowerment as well seller.
9.Time Saving
10.Retail Transformation
11.Industery convergence
12.Changing the way to sell product through Better Technology.
13.Increase Efficiency(in P&S(Product and Services))
14.Growth opportunity.
15.Easy to understand and Easy to Place Order(You many time place a order through  Amazon ,Flipkart etc.)

Marketing Management 

Now you have to manage the market But here  Question is How? you manage market 

Marketing management is a little bit difficult because it needs continuous improvement,
Suppose e.g- You are a creator of a product means you are a manufacturer. After that, you need one market to sell your product with a large customer base with making a profit from your product.Now,you need One better management for your market to sell your product.

Here,Needs to manage your market  well.

1.Choosing Target Market 
4.Delevering Superior value to the customer
5.Realationship with customer

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