Top 20 Interesting facts about Peru

Top 20 interesting facts about Peru

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Cover Image of Top 20 interest facts about Peru

 1. Peru is a country located in western South America.

2. It was home to several ancient civilizations, including the Moche, the Nazca, and the Inca Empire, which was the largest empire in the pre-Columbian Americas.

3. The capital city of Lima is one of South America's largest cities, known for its colonial architecture, museums, and cuisine.

4. Peru has a diverse geography, including the Andes Mountains, the Amazon rainforest, and the Pacific coastline.

5. The country is home to several UNESCO World Heritage sites, including Machu Picchu, the historic center of Lima, and the Chavín culture archaeological site.

6. Spanish is the official language of Peru, but many indigenous languages are also spoken, including Quechua and Aymara.

7. Peru has a presidential representative democratic republic system of government.

8.  The country is a member of the United Nations, the Union of South American Nations, and the World Trade Organization, among other international organizations.

9. The Peruvian economy is diverse, with significant contributions from industries such as mining, fishing, agriculture, and tourism.

10. Peru is famous for its cuisine, which is influenced by a variety of indigenous, Spanish, and Asian traditions.

11. The country has a rich cultural heritage, with contributions to art, music, dance, and literature.

12. The Peruvian national symbol is the vicuña, a type of South American camelid.

13. The country has a diverse wildlife, including species such as the jaguar, the spectacled bear, and the Amazon river dolphin.

14. Peru is home to several major universities, including the National University of San Marcos and the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru.

15. The country has a strong sporting culture, with popular sports including soccer, volleyball, and basketball.

16. The Peruvian national holiday, Independence Day, is celebrated on July 28th and commemorates the country's independence from Spain in 1821.

17. The Peruvian flag features red and white stripes, a sun with a face in the center, and a coat of arms at the top.

18. The Peruvian currency is the sol.

19. The country has a diverse music scene, including traditional Andean music and modern pop and rock.

20. The Peruvian Constitution recognizes the rights of indigenous peoples and promotes their participation in government and society.

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Top 20 Facts about Peru


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