Meet the Stars: The Full Cast of One Day on Netflix

Meet the Stars: The Full Cast of One Day on Netflix 

Poster Image of One Day on Netflix
Poster Image of One Day on Netflix 

On July 15, 1988, Emma Morley and Dexter Mayhew find themselves on the brink of graduation. Despite their paths crossing for the first time on this momentous day, they parted ways the next morning. As the years unfold, each July 15th brings a new chapter in their lives, tracing their journey of growth, change, and the evolution of their relationship.

Lead director and associate producer of the series, Molly Manners, describes it as an epic tale spanning years yet intimately focused on the connection between Em and Dex. Each episode captures them on this specific date, showcasing their intertwined lives as they navigate joy, heartbreak, and the complexities of their bond.

In "One Day," viewers are invited into the intimate realms of memories, dreams, and contemplations of what could have been. The series explores the significance of seemingly insignificant moments, highlighting the profound impact they have on Em and Dex's journey.

Manners deliberately craft an ethereal and nostalgic atmosphere, aiming to make viewers feel intimately connected to the characters. Through the ups and downs, viewers are drawn into the tender, poignant, and timeless essence of Em and Dex's relationship.

Series Cast          Role Name     

  1. Leo Woodall ... Dexter 


Leo Woodall Image
Leo Woodall Image 

  1. Ambika Mod ... Emma


Image of Ambika Mod with award
Image of Ambika Mod with award 

  1. Amber Grappy ... Tilly 


  1. Brendan Quinn ... Callum


Image of Brendan Quinn
Image of Brendan Quinn

  1. Jonny Weldon ... Ian


Image of Jonny Weldon
Image of Jonny Weldon

  1. Tim McInnerny ... Stephen


  1. Eleanor Tomlinson ... Sylvie


Image of Eleanor Tomlinson
Image of Eleanor Tomlinson

  1. Essie Davis ... Alison


  1. Adam Loxley ... Graham


Image of Adam Loxley
Image of Adam Loxley


  1. John Macmillan ... Aaron

Image of John Macmillan
Image of John Macmillan


  1. Anne Bird ... Mary


  1. Mark Rowley ... Phil Godalming


Image of Mark Rowley
Image of Mark Rowley

  1. Jodie Price ... Sonya


  1. Rebekah Murrell ... Suki


Image of Rebekah Murrell
Image of Rebekah Murrell


  1. Will Hislop ....   Toby


Image of Will Hislop
Image of Will Hislop

  1. Tim Preston ... Gary
  2. Joe Barnes ... Nigel


  1. Sophie Wolff ... Tara

Image of Sophie Wolff
Image of Sophie Wolff


  1. Finlay Alderson ... Sam 

Image of Finlay Alderson
Image of Finlay Alderson

  1. Meghan Treadway ... Kate 


Image of Meghan Treadway
Image of Meghan Treadway

  1. Beth Lindsey ... Sarah 


Image of Beth Lindsey
Image of Beth Lindsey

  1. Matt Tait ... Estate Agent
  2. Amine Lansari ... Malik


  1. Ella-Rae Smith ... Naomi


Image of Ella-Rae Smith
Image of Ella-Rae Smith

  1. Mathilde Thomine Storm ... Tove


  1. Edouard Chény ... Jean-Pierre


Edouard Chény Image
Edouard Chény Image 

  1. Billie Gadsdon ... Jasmine
  2. Angus Alderson ... Murray
  3. Robert Cawsey ... Pete
  4. Stephen Whitfield ... Caretaker


  1. Sam Swann ... Damian


Image of Sam Swann
Image of Sam Swann


  1. Felix Clements ... Kilt Boy
  2. Ani Nelson ... Nana 
  3. Toby Stephens ... Lionel
  4. Freya Parker ... Tracey 
  5. Paul G. Raymond ... Raj
  6. Emily Butcher ... Caroline
  7. Sara Cox ... Radio DJ
  8. Amy Booth-Steel ... Scottie
  9. Jeremiah Burlen ... Martin
  10. Joely Richardson ... Helen
  11. Emily Eaton-Plowright ... Candy
  12. Julia Frith ... Fiona
  13. Alex Gibson-Giorgio ... Paddy 
  14. Sophie Carmen-Jones ... Cigarette
  15. Joseph Pharoah ... Andy 
  16. Jack Shep ... Rory
  17. Adam Leese ... Fishmonger Guy
  18. Clea Martin ... Barbara
  19. Ike Bennett ... Kwame
  20. Anthony Calf ... Sid
  21. Natasha Joseph ... Mrs. Grainger 
  22. Jamal Zulfiqar ... Waiter
  23. Evelyn Teixeira ... Young Jasmine
  24. Gary Forbes ... Leon
  25. Remy Beasley ... Suzanne
  26. Charlie Norton ... Kyle 
  27. Yelyzaveta Tsilyk ... Maddy
  28. Abby Russell ... Yvonne
  29. Tom Claxton ... Drew
  30. Karim Kamar ... Pianist
  31. Jo-Anne Stockham ... Donna 
  32. Ali Zaidi ...  
  33. John Tueart ...  
  34. Gareth Evans ...
  35. Natalie Oliver ...   

Justin Eely Social media profile Image
Justin Eely Social media profile Image 

Who was Justin Eely One Day Netflix?

The conclusion of Netflix's One Day series has left viewers curious about the individual to whom the show is dedicated: Justin Eely. In this piece, we aim to shed light on Justin Eely's life and his significance, which earned him a special tribute in the series.

Justin Eely served as the online editor for One Day, playing a crucial role in shaping the show's final form. Working closely with directors Molly Manners, Luke Snelling, John Hardwick, and Kate Hewitt, Justin's meticulous editing ensured the series maintained a high standard of quality, enhancing the viewing experience for audiences.

Tragically, Justin Eely passed away before the series premiered in February 2024, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional work and dedication. In honor of his contributions, the series included a heartfelt dedication to Justin, recognizing his invaluable role in the post-production process.

Justin's impact extended beyond One Day, with a career spanning over two decades and including notable projects such as The Crown, Killing Eve, Black Mirror, Good Omens, Belgravia, and A Discovery of Witches. One Day serves as a testament to Justin Eely's enduring commitment to his craft and his lasting influence on the entertainment industry.

After working in more than 100 movies over his noteworthy 20-year career people have shown attention towards Justin Eely’s personal life. 

what happened to Justin Eely

According to sources, Justin Eely was born in the mid-1970s meaning he was in his late 40s at the time of his passing.

However, the exact birthdate remains a mystery

Likewise, he was born in London, United Kingdom. His mother, Angela Eely, raised him.

The details of his father have not been disclosed as of now.

While he maintained privacy regarding his family, records suggest he has a sister and a brother.

However, their name and age have not been shared in the media. 

Furthermore, Justin Eely was also a married man and a father.

He was married to Georgia Grant. Meanwhile, details about their relationship remain scarce. 

Similarly, together they had a daughter named Freya. She was born around 2015.

In Justin’s Instagram profile, he used to share moments he spent with his daughter.

20 Years 

Love's Evolution: David Nicholls Continued Brilliance in 'One Day' and Beyond

"I wasn't always right, but I felt like I was in a good place." When he was 27, he had two job offers. One was to learn a role in a play called Twelfth Night, and the other was to read scripts for BBC radio. He picked the second one and stopped acting for good. "Looking back, I learned a lot just by being in the room. I used to be bitter about it, but now I see it differently."

After some success writing for a TV show called Cold Feet, he had two shows cancelled. At 37, he wrote his first novel because he was inspired by rejection.

In 2009, his third novel, One Day, became really popular. It made lots of people cry, especially on trains. Does he feel like One Day defines him? "I've been lucky with it, but when people say they liked my book, they're usually talking about One Day, not my other books. But I think everything I've written since then is better!"

A whole new group of people have been moved by One Day again because of a Netflix show based on it.

"I started writing One Day 17 years ago when I was in my 40s. It feels like looking at an old photo of yourself – you still like the person, but they're different."

Was he tempted to change the book when it was reissued? "Yes, with every book! But it would be like editing old photos, wouldn't it?"

He's not comfortable with being a famous author known for writing about love. Instead of talking about himself or politics, he uses social media to promote other authors. "I wonder if it's better not to know too much about what a novelist feels?" he says carefully.

He gets angry about education issues like libraries closing and the arts not being available to everyone. He set up a fund to help drama students at the University of Bristol, no matter how much money they have. "Education changed my life. It's frustrating that it's not available to everyone like it was for me."

He hasn't decided which political party to support, but he likes the idea of a change in government.

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