Elon Musk Revealed Shiba Inu Coin Secret Price Pump in 24 Hours Exactly!!

Elon Musk Revealed Shiba Inu Coin Secret Price Pump in 24 Hours Exactly!!

Image of Elon musk tweet
Image of Elon musk tweet 

 Elon musk on shiba inu traders keep a

careful eye on elon musk's social media

posts this week his fortune skyrocketed

and he has surpassed warren buffett as

the world's richest individual with an

estimated net worth of 230 billion us

dollars yesterday evening the price of

shiba unicoin shied jumped by 14.5

percent in just 20 minutes after elon

musk tweeted a text-based graphic of an

adorable dog carrying a rocket the price

of sheep was 0.00002523

just a minute before musk's tweet went

out it subsequently reached a high of

zero point zero zero zero zero two eight

seven five dollar before tumbling to a

low of zero point zero zero zero zero

two seven three dollar later in the day

doge experienced a two point five

percent increase within the same time

period as she experienced a 14.5 percent

increase it appears that musk was aware

of the effect that his tweet had on the

movement of the shiba inu tokens a

little time after they began to soar

musk tweeted his opinions on twitter

writing i thought about it and i'm not

sorry about party rocking elon musk has

once against demonstrated the impact of

a single tweet the cryptocurrency market

is booming and a single tweet from elon

musk has aided in the advancement of a

cryptocurrency on its journey to the

moon elon musk's views on

cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and

dogecoin have contributed to the

skyrocketing and plummeting of their

price over the past year while musk did

not include any other details in his

tweet the rocket emoji is a typical

depiction in the terms of to the moon

and it is also used by cryptocurrency

users to celebrate or forecast their

coin spectacular increase in value there

is no way to know if musk was tweeting

about sheba or not in the past his

tweets referring to shiba inu the dog

breed that serves as an inspiration for

doge and sheep have prompted price

increases in sheep most recently on

october 4 according to bloomberg shiba

unicoin's newest price surge coincides

with the shiba ecosystem's growth into

new crypto territory which is being

supported by the shiba ecosystem shiba

debuted its new shiboshi nft collection

last week despite the fact that gas feed

concerns caused the launch to be delayed

there are a number of indicators

suggesting xib could surpass its

all-time high and reach one cent very

soon while bitcoin btc broke over its

all-time high ath on wednesday the

majority of the top altcoins are still

trading below their all-time highs by

more than 10 as of friday according to

coin market cap only aetherium eth is

within 10 of its all-time high out of

the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market

capitalization it is presently trading

at 4 121 dollars representing a decrease

of 5.6 percent from its all-time high of


however while bitcoin has a tendency to

drive the general trend of

cryptocurrency pricing the majority of

other cryptocurrencies have been unable

to keep up with bitcoin's price boom in

fact even sheba unicoin which has gained

292 percent in the past 30 days is still

28.6 away from its all-time high of


several experts have speculated that alt

season will begin very soon as a result

of this all season refers to a phase in

the cryptocurrency cycle during which

altcoins outperform bitcoin and often

ethereum as well hence reducing

bitcoin's overall dominance in the

market after bitcoin's market dominance

declined from 60 to 40 in the spring of

2021 the last alt-season happened in

summer of that year an additional piece

of good news for the community is that

shiba inucoin shibe now has more than

750 000 holders as it continues to

solidify its position among the top 20

cryptocurrencies by market

capitalization which is more than twice

the population of iceland it was just a

few hours ago that shiva which has

lately expanded its ecosystem beyond the

meme coin to include shiboshi's nfts

surpassed the milestone according to

coinmarketcap this represents a growth

of 104 000 holders or 16 from the

beginning of september holders of sheep

flocked to twitter to express their

delight at reaching the milestone as the

sheep ecosystem develops with the

possibility of the introduction of a

layer 2 and nft game the inevitable next

milestone will be the achievement of 1

million holders in the past week she've

attracted slightly more than 26 600 new

holdings an increase of 3 800 new

holders each day on average if sheep

continues to grow at its current rate it

could reach the 1 million holders on

christmas day the ecosystem continues to

expand with the shebarian blockchain

poised to further expand an already

enormous network this week

cryptocurrency prices have risen across

the board following reports that a us

regulator may approve the creation of a

bitcoin futures exchange traded fund

according to bloomberg the securities

and exchange commission is expected to

approve the first u.s bitcoin futures

exchange traded fund etf to begin

trading next week a move that crypto

investors believe is critical to winning

over more widespread adoption among the

investing public according to forbes

bullish cryptocurrency investors are

forecasting a ludicrously powerful

rebound through the remainder of 2021.

it seems undeniable that shibuya will be

a long-term winner in the crypto

industry according to fx street recent

purchases of the shibuya cryptocurrency

coin by investors may signal the

beginning of a bull run for the coin and

ethereum whale recently spent 1.2

million dollars to purchase 49.9 billion

sheep coins the whale purchased the

coins when the market experienced a drop

in value in general traders anticipate

that she will continue to rise in value

additionally cryptocurrency traders can

now purchase and sell sheba unicoin

through the trading app public the

trading app introduced sheeb to its

platform earlier this month allowing

users to make investments in digital

assets for as little as a single dollar

it comes at a time when shiba inu is on

an epic rise this month thanks in part

to the buzz generated by tesla chief

executive officer elon musk the shiba

inu development team also has good news

it has been verified that a massive

token bird would continue the goal of

this operation is to reduce the total

quantity of the token as well as the

number of tokens currently in

circulation according to a recent post

from shaitoshi the project will kick off

with 10 000 nfts the design will be

released and made available for purchase

at the time of the drop these shiboshis

will be labeled with their generic names

when they arrive each individual or

wallet is only allowed to purchase a

total of 10 shiboshis at a time the

holders of the shiboshis will be able to

change the generic name of the coin by

paying 100 sheep in exchange the sheep

that is received in exchange for

changing these generic names will be

transferred to a specific wallet for

burning there are reports the

development team will come up with a

better and more well-planned burning

system in the future the one cent price

is not too far away from being reached

the demand for these tokens will

increase as the supply of these tokens

is reduced resulting in a rise in their

price also by streaming a playlist on

spotify youtube title or deezer she been

a coin sheep holders can burn sheep

tokens stephen cooper a co-owner of the

music licensing and publishing company

bigger entertainment said that his

company has designed a playlist that

will burn approximately 20 sheep per

stream a full playlist stream of sheep

burner might burn up to 7940 sheep due

to the 397 songs and 23 hours of music

contained inside it burning is still a

major topic of discussion within the

sheep army in order to knock more zeros

off its present price of

0.0000 to 7 it will need to increase its

street burn rate furthermore if the

development team is able to capitalize

on the already existing demand in the

e-commerce industry the value of the

shibuya will skyrocket enormously the

sheep army is constantly expanding with

hundreds of new participants joining

every day shibu inu according to coin

market cap has been one of the most

searched and talked about

cryptocurrencies over the previous

months in recent months it has emerged

as the cryptocurrency phenomenon of the

season attracting both investors and

members of the general public following

the publication of an interesting

finding on a high number of whale

transactions by a top digital asset

analytics company the coin may see an

increase in demand from purchasers soon

according to sources sheep token

transactions totaling more than one

hundred thousand dollars have been

recorded which indicates the token's

value would rise very soon shiva inucoin

went through the first major support

level at 0.0000273

before rising to a late intraday high of

0.0000 to 955 sheba unicoin fell through

the first major support level at

0.0000 273 dollar sheba unicorn was able

to break over the 23.6 fibonacci

retracement level of 0.00002838

as well as the first major resistance

level of 0.0000290

to conclude the day at

0.0000293 dollar levels extending the

surge sheba unicoin is currently trading


0.0000 2773 dollar shipping coin

experienced a volatile start to the day

rising to an earlier morning high of


before sliding to a low of

eight five two 0.00002852. shipping coin

did not test any main support and

resistance levels until later shiba

unicoin would need to avoid a

retracement through the pivot point of

zero point zero zero zero zero two eight

seven zero dollar and the twenty three

point six fib of zero point zero zero

zero to a three dollar in order to bring

the first major resistance level at

0.0000301 dollar into play for the rest

of the day on tuesday but for shiba

inucoin to regain its previous levels of


it would require support from the rest

of the market in the absence of a

sustained crypto advance the first

significant resistance level would

likely serve as a ceiling on the upside

when another breakthrough occurs shibu

unicoin may attempt resistance at


levels before seeing any further decline

it is at zero point zero zero zero zero

three one zero dollar that the second

big resistance level is located a break

of the zero point zero zero zero zero

two seven eight dollar pivot and the

twenty three point six feet as well as a

break of the 23.6 percent feeb would

trigger the first significant support

level at 0.0000278

unless there is a lengthy sell-off ship

unicoin should be able to avoid the 38.2

percent fib of

eight 0.00002387 dollar the second major

support level zero point zero zero zero

zero two six three dollar should serve

as a temporary interim remedy the

community can anticipate shiba inu to

return to the moon before the end of

october according to a tweet from the

kucoin platform this appears to be in

line with its remarkable performance

these days which is undeniably true

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