Write about your [ Last weekend in 200 words ] : Enjoy & Fun

Write about your [ Last weekend in 200 words ]: Enjoy & Fun

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 Last weekend was so much fun! On Saturday, my family and I went to the park. We played games like tag and soccer. The weather was sunny, and we had a picnic with sandwiches and fruit. After that, we visited the zoo. I loved seeing all the animals, especially the lions and elephants.

On Sunday, we had a lazy morning at home. I helped my mom bake cookies in the kitchen. They smelled so good! In the afternoon, we went to my friend's birthday party. There were balloons, cake, and games. I had a blast playing with my friends and eating delicious cake.

In the evening, we watched a movie together as a family. It was a funny comedy that made us all laugh. Then, we had a cozy bedtime story before going to sleep. Overall, it was an awesome weekend filled with lots of laughter, fun, and family time. I can't wait for the next one.

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