Agile Software Development Is Based On Which Of The Following Type ?

Agile Software Development Is Based On Which Of The Following Type ?

Software Development
Software Development


Agile software development is based on both iterative development and incremental development.

 Iterative development focuses on building the software in short cycles, with each cycle delivering a working version of the product with a subset of the overall functionality.

 Incremental development focuses on delivering the features of the software in small increments, with each increment adding new functionality to the product.

Together, these two approaches allow agile development to be flexible and adaptable to changing requirements.

Agile software development goes beyond just iterative and incremental development. 

Here's a more comprehensive breakdown:


Agile Manifesto and Principles: A set of core values and principles that guide agile practices. These emphasize individuals and interactions, working software, customer collaboration, and responding to change. 

Core Characteristics:

Iterative and Incremental Development: As you mentioned, this is a key aspect, but it's within the context of Agile values.

Self-Organizing Teams:  Cross-functional teams with the autonomy to make decisions and manage their work.

Collaboration: Close collaboration between development teams and stakeholders, including customers and end-users.

Continuous Feedback: Regular feedback loops to ensure the product aligns with evolving needs.

Focus on Working Software: Delivering functional software in short cycles to get early user feedback and adapt quickly.

Popular Agile Frameworks:

While Agile is a broad philosophy, there are specific frameworks that implement these principles in different ways. Some popular ones include:

    Scrum: Uses short development cycles called sprints with specific goals. 

    Kanban: Focuses on visualizing workflow and optimizing the flow of work items.

By understanding these additional aspects, you get a broader picture of what underpins agile software development. 

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