Fly Emirates Ad Actress : Introducing new brand ambassador Emirates

Fly Emirates Ad Actress: Introducing new brand ambassador Emirates

Image of Fly Emirates Ad Actress Penélope Cruz
Image of Fly Emirates Ad Actress Penélope Cruz

  Introducing new brand ambassador, Fly Emirates ad actress name is Penélope Cruz!


Emirates Airlines has enlisted the talents of Hollywood luminary Penelope Cruz to spearhead its upcoming global advertising blitz. The Oscar-winning actress, known for her roles in films like "Vicky Cristina Barcelona," will be the focal point of a campaign set to debut in June.

Presented in both English and Cruz's native Spanish, the campaign will spotlight Emirates' premier offerings tailored for first and business-class passengers. Viewers will witness Cruz indulging in the exclusive luxuries unique to Emirates flights, including the opulent A380 onboard lounge and the in-flight shower.

In one scene, Cruz, with a touch of humor, remarks, “From one hotel room to another,” as she settles into Emirates' renowned first-class suites, hailed as "game-changing" by the airline. Additionally, the campaign will showcase Cruz enjoying a restful siesta on a lie-flat bed, adorned in Emirates' signature "hydra-active moisturising pyjamas" provided to premium travelers.

Expressing her excitement, Cruz stated, “I’m thrilled to partner with Emirates after years of travelling with them on some of the most special trips in my life.” Richard Billington, senior vice president of brand and advertising at Emirates, emphasized the airline's commitment to providing a superior travel experience. "Emirates is all about Flying Better, where the journey to your destination matters as much as the place itself," he remarked, highlighting Cruz's embodiment of the Emirates brand with her timeless elegance and global appeal.

Renowned Hollywood director Robert Stromberg, a double Oscar winner known for his work on films like "Avatar" and "Alice in Wonderland," helmed the campaign. Cruz steps into the role of Emirates' newest ambassador, succeeding Gerry the Goose, who also chose to "fly better" with the Dubai-based airline. The whimsical Gerry, voiced by British actor Michael Cronin channeling Sir David Attenborough, endeared himself to audiences before passing the baton to Cruz.

Joining the ranks of other Hollywood luminaries like Jennifer Aniston and Chris Hemsworth, Cruz's association with Emirates is a testament to her international acclaim. Having visited Dubai multiple times, including a recent appearance at Chanel's cruise 2021/22 show and gracing the cover of Vogue Arabia, Cruz's collaboration with Emirates signifies a seamless melding of glamour and sophistication in the realm of luxury air travel.

The Academy Award-winning actress has been a frequent flyer with Emirates for many years. Now, she's taking that passion to new heights as the star of our latest ad campaign.

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