What Is Software Tester ? Easy Definition, Types And Example

What Is Software Tester ? Easy Definition, Types And Example

Software Development
Software Development

A software tester is someone who evaluates software applications to ensure they function correctly and meet quality standards before they are released to the public. They aim to identify any defects or bugs that could affect the performance, usability, or security of the software.

Types of software testing:

1. Manual Testing: 

This involves testers manually executing test cases without the use of automation tools. It includes exploratory testing, usability testing, and ad-hoc testing.

2. Automated Testing: 

This involves using automation tools to execute test cases. It includes functional testing, regression testing, and performance testing.

3. Unit Testing: 

Testing individual units or components of the software to ensure they function correctly.

4. Integration Testing: 

Testing the interaction between different units or components to ensure they work together as expected.

5. System Testing: 

Testing the entire software system to ensure it meets the specified requirements.

6. Acceptance Testing: 

Testing conducted to determine whether or not the software meets the acceptance criteria and to obtain approval for release.

Examples of software testing:

1. Functional Testing: 

Testing the functionality of the software against the specified requirements. For example, testing a login page to ensure users can successfully log in with valid credentials.

2. Regression Testing: 

Testing to ensure that new code changes haven't introduced new defects or broken existing functionality. For example, retesting a previously fixed bug to ensure it hasn't resurfaced.

3. Performance Testing: 

Testing the performance of the software under different conditions, such as load testing to evaluate how the software performs under heavy user loads.

4. Security Testing: 

Testing the security of the software to identify vulnerabilities and ensure sensitive data is protected. For example, conducting penetration testing to identify and fix security weaknesses.

5. Usability Testing: 

Testing the usability of the software to ensure it is easy to use and navigate. For example, conducting user interviews or surveys to gather feedback on the software's user interface.

Overall, software testing plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of software applications before they are deployed to end-users.

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