10 Web3 Courses To Try In 2024

10 Web3 Courses To Try In 2024

Cover Image Of 10 Web3 Courses To Try In 2024
Cover Image Of 10 Web3 Courses To Try In 2024

If you're looking to delve into Web3 technologies in 2024, there are a variety of courses available that cater to different levels of expertise and interests. 

Here are ten notable options:

1. Certified Web3 Expert™ by Blockchain Council :
   This comprehensive course covers Blockchain, Ethereum, NFTs, the Metaverse, and mixed reality. It is self-paced, includes lifetime access, and provides five certifications along with the main Web3 Expert certification  .

2. Web3 Certified Ethereum Developer by Blockchain Council:

   Designed for those interested in Ethereum development, this course includes modules on DApps, IPFS projects, and smart contract creation. It’s suitable for beginners to advanced learners and includes practical projects .

3. Web3 Blockchain Specialization by University of Buffalo on Coursera:

   This specialization consists of four courses covering blockchain basics, smart contracts, decentralized apps, and the broader blockchain ecosystem. It’s a thorough university-level education on blockchain technologies .

4. ChainShot by Alchemy:

   A 10-week intensive bootcamp that focuses on developing decentralized apps, blockchains, and smart contracts using Solidity. Ideal for those with a background in JavaScript .

5. Buildspace:

   A free, six-week online course covering Web3 technologies, NFT collections, and machine learning. Participants can earn a course completion NFT and gain practical experience through projects .

6. Zero to Mastery’s Web3 Masterclass:

   This course provides an extensive overview of Web3 apps, bitcoin, and blockchain fundamentals over five hours. It includes access to a supportive community and networking opportunities .

7. Moralis Academy:

   Offers a range of courses from beginner to advanced levels on blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Courses include Blockchain & Bitcoin 101, Ethereum 101, and advanced DApp programming .

8. CryptoZombies :

   An interactive, in-browser coding tutorial that teaches Ethereum and Solidity by guiding users through the development of a zombie-themed video game. It’s a fun and engaging way to learn blockchain development .

9. Web3 University:

   Provides free tutorials on various Web3 programming topics, including Solidity, Solana, and NFT creation. It’s a great starting point for aspiring Web3 developers and companies entering the Web3 space .

10. Udemy Web3 Courses:

    Udemy offers numerous courses on blockchain and Web3 development, including creating cryptocurrencies, Ethereum blockchain development with Solidity, and Web3 fundamentals. The courses are diverse and cater to different aspects of Web3 technologies .

These courses offer a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, enabling you to navigate and contribute effectively to the evolving Web3 ecosystem. Choose one that best fits your career goals and current skill level.

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