Top App Development Course Learning Websites [2024]

Top App Development Course Learning Websites [2024]

Cover Image Of Top App Development Course Learning Websites [2024]
Cover Image Of Top App Development Course Learning Websites [2024]

Here are some of the top websites for learning app development in 2024:

  1. Coursera

Description: Offers courses from top universities and institutions.

 Notable Courses: 

   "Android App Development for Beginners" by Vanderbilt University

   "iOS App Development with Swift" by the University of Toronto

  2.  Udacity 

 Description:  Provides Nanodegree programs focused on job readiness.

 Notable Programs:
   "Android Developer Nanodegree" (in partnership with Google)

   "iOS Developer Nanodegree"

  3. edX

 Description: Features courses from universities and institutions around the world.

Notable Courses:

   "Professional Android App Development" by Galileo University

   "iOS App Development for Creative Entrepreneurs" by UC Berkeley

  4. Pluralsight

 Description: Offers a wide range of courses for developers.

 Notable Courses: 

   "Building Android Apps with Kotlin"

   "iOS 13 Development: What's New"

  5. Udemy

 Description: Hosts a vast array of courses on various topics, including app development.

 Notable Courses: 

   "The Complete Android N Developer Course" by Rob Percival

   "iOS 13 & Swift 5 - The Complete iOS App Development Bootcamp" by Angela Yu

  6.  LinkedIn Learning 

 Description: Provides courses aimed at professional development.

Notable Courses:

   "Android Development Essential Training"

   "iOS Development Essential Training"

  7. Treehouse

 Description: Offers a project-based approach to learning with tracks and workshops.

 Notable Tracks: 

   "Android Development Track"

   "iOS Development Track"

  8.  Khan Academy
 Description: Provides free educational resources on a variety of subjects.

 Notable Courses: 

   "Intro to HTML/CSS: Making webpages"

   "Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation"

  9. Codecademy

 Description: Focuses on interactive learning with hands-on coding exercises.

Notable Courses:

   "Build Basic Android Apps with Java"

   "Build iOS Apps with SwiftUI"

  10.  MIT OpenCourseWare

 Description: Offers free course materials from MIT.

 Notable Courses: 

   "Mobile Application Development" (course materials and lecture notes)

Each of these platforms offers a variety of resources to help you get started or advance your skills in app development, whether you are interested in Android, iOS, or cross-platform app development.

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