#RIPCartoonNetwork Explained: The Real Story Behind the Viral Trend

#RIPCartoonNetwork Explained: The Real Story Behind the Viral Trend

Image Of Cartoon Network Poster
Image Of Cartoon Network Poster

Cartoon Network, an American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery, has been an integral part of every 90s kid’s childhood. From Scooby-Do to Tom and Jerry to Johnny Bravo, the kids’ channel has captivated the generation for years. 

A sudden trend of #RIPCartoonNetwork on X (formerly known as Twitter) has sent the fans into shock as some reports are claiming the channel is going to “shut down.” The hashtag started trending after a Twitter handle with the name, 'Animation Workers Ignited', shared a video with the caption "Cartoon Network is dead ?" The viral post also mentioned that other studios are not much behind and discussed layoffs in the animation industry.

However, a new trend #RIPCartoonNetwork on X suggests that the channel is shutting down. The channel, however, later clarified that there was no truth to the speculation.

The trend began after an X handle Animation Workers Ignited posted a montage video with the message “Cartoon Network is dead?”. The video highlighted the challenges being faced in the amination fraternity amid layoffs in the industry.

Cartoon Network issued a statement clarifying that rumours of the network or its studio shutting down are untrue. "Cartoon Network would like to clarify that there is no truth to the speculation that the network or the studio is shutting down.

What happened to all the animation workers ? Many are unemployed in record numbers, with some jobless for over a year, despite carrying the industry during the pandemic. When Covid first hit, animation was able to operate completely remotely, making it one of the only forms of entertainment that could continue production uninterrupted. But studios repaid them by cancelling projects, outsourcing jobs, and laying off artists en masse."


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