Life is not meant to be a race

Life is not meant to be a race

If you stop one of the rats that are running around all over in a farm-house and ask, “What are you running for?” The rat will probably give you a bizarre look and probably reply, “I don’t know. I am running because everyone around me is running.”

Similar is the story of a contemporary man. Most of us are running around without any pre-defined goals – in an endless, self-defeating or pointless pursuit of wealth, power and happiness. Moreover, the car in which contemporary man is riding is terrific. It runs great, but at the same time, you can only push the pedals in this car. There is no direction of wisdom and there are no brakes of self control. You can imagine where such a car would lead to?

It is the hyper active mind of the contemporary man that doesn’t allow him to be calm even for a moment. The mind of the contemporary man is continuously stimulated by thoughts and resolutions, which are triggered by deep rooted desires. The conditioning of the mind since childhood keeps it busy in the futile pursuit of happiness in the outer world.

The seeker of true inner happiness gives up the futile rat-race, stop for few moments and try to figure out the direction of their life. Such a seeker seeks the true wisdom of Self and begin to introduce the brakes of discipline and self-control. He or she begins to explore the meaning of their life and its purpose. Such a seeker begins to seek the company of such aspirants who are on their way to gain the tranquility of mind and inner bliss. Such a seeker begins to give importance to managing the inner world and when the inner world begins to get managed, outer world gets managed on its own.

In my next blog, we will discuss about the difference between mind and intellect, and how a purified intellect is required to control the mind.

Life is not meant to be a race

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