What is [ Context API ] in React js ?

 What is Context API in React js ?

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In React.js, the Context API is a mechanism for sharing state and functionality between components without having to explicitly pass props through the component tree. It provides a way to pass data through the component tree without having to pass props down manually at every level.

The Context API consists of two main parts:

1.  React.createContext:

   - This function creates a Context object. It takes an optional argument, the default value for the context. The `createContext` function returns an object with `Provider` and `Consumer` components attached to it.


    const MyContext = React.createContext(defaultValue);


2. <MyContext.Provider> and <MyContext.Consumer>:

   - The Provider component is used to wrap the part of the component tree where you want to make the context available. It takes a "value" prop that will be the value of the context.

   - The "Consumer "component is used to access the value of the context within a component.



    <MyContext.Provider value={/* some value */}>

      {/* Components inside here can access the value */}


        {value => /* render something based on the context value */}




Here's a simple example to illustrate the use of the Context API:


import React, { createContext, useContext } from 'react';

// Step 1: Create a context with a default value

const ThemeContext = createContext('light');

// Step 2: Use the context in a component

function ThemedComponent() {

  const theme = useContext(ThemeContext);

  return (

    <div style={{ background: theme === 'light' ? '#eee' : '#222', color: theme === 'light' ? '#000' : '#fff' }}>

      Current Theme: {theme}




// Step 3: Provide the context value higher up in the component tree

function App() {

  return (

    <ThemeContext.Provider value="dark">

      <ThemedComponent />




export default App;

In this example, the "ThemedComponent" can access the current theme without explicitly passing it as a prop through each level of the component tree. The "ThemeContext.Provider" sets the context value for its descendants.

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