Meet the Stars: The Full Cast of Gadar 2 on Zee 5

Meet the Stars: The Full Cast of Gadar 2 on Zee 5

Poster Image of Gadar 2
Poster Image of Gadar 2 

When Tara Singh goes missing during a skirmish and is believed to be captured in Pakistan, his son Jeete sets out to rescue him and enters a labyrinth from which they both must escape at all costs.

Directed by Anil Sharma and written by Shaktimaan Talwar, Gadar 2 is a sequel to Gadar: Ek Prem Katha. This blockbuster action movie features Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, and Utkarsh Sharma, who reprised their roles from the previous film.  

In the Gadar movie, Tara Singh disappears during a tense border situation, and it's assumed that he's been captured in Pakistan. His son Jeete embarks on a daring mission to bring him back. Together, they find themselves trapped in a complex situation, where their ultimate goal is to escape at any cost. The Gadar 2 trailer dropped on July 26, and the movie was released in theaters on August 11.

Image of Sunny deo after Gadar 2 sucess
Image of Sunny deo after Gadar 2 sucess 

 Sunny Deol ... Tara Singh


Ameesha Patel ... Sakeena


Image of Ameesha Patel
Image of Ameesha Patel



Utkarsh Sharma ... Jeetay (Charanjeet Singh)


Simratt Kaur Randhawa ... Muskaan (as Simrat Kaur)


Image of Simrat Kaur
Image of Simrat Kaur


Manish Wadhwa ... Major General Hamid Iqbal

Gaurav Chopra ... Lieutenant Colonel Devendra rawat

Manoj Bakshi ... Yahya Khan

Aamir Naik ... Gul Khan

Aaryaa Sharma ... General Rani

Luv Sinha ... Farid

Rohit Choudhary ... Major Malik

Akshay Arora ... Ranjeet Singh

Rakesh Bedi ... Ved Keemati Lal

Dolly Bindra ... Gul Khan's Wife

Ohi Brother ... Bittu And Pradyuman

Mrityunjay Singh Chandravanshi ... Prisoner of War (POW)

Jameel Choudhary ... Prisoner Of War (POW)

Gaurav Dewasi ... Driver

Akash Dhar ... Major Bhargav

Arjun Dwivedi ... Jailor

Shailendra Gaur ... Pakistani Pandit

Anil George ... Qazi

Nilofar Gesawat ... Mrs Qurban Khan

Mushtaq Kak ... Qurban Khan

Shaan Kakkar ... Puran singh

Madhumalti Kapoor ... Taayi

Ali Khan ... Valli Bhai

Ehsan Khan ... Abdul Ali

Mushtaq Khan ... Gullu

Rumi Khan ... Col Farooqui

Reema Mukherjee ... Sohni

Mushtaq Naika ... Mukhtiyar

Pramod Pandey ... Rehmani

Nana Patekar ... Narrator (voice)

Prashant Poojari ... Prisoner of War (POW)

Amrish Puri ... Ashraf Ali (archive footage)

Rajshree ... Tayi's Daughter in law

Lubna Salim ... Masi (Pakistani Lady who helps Jeete)

Muneesh Sappel ...Pakistani Minister

Mir Sarwar ... Brigadier Salim

Annie Sekhon ... Mrs. Hamid Iqbal

Amir Ali Shaik

Aaditya Sharma ... Imtehaan Singh

Naresh Sharma ... Tayi's Son

Vivek Shauq ... Darmiyaan Singh (archive footage)

Aamir Sikendar ... Captain Arjun Singh

Anamika Singh ... Faujia

Anamika Singh ... Fauzia

Pranshu Singh ... Soldier

Ishaan Tonk ... Harjeet

Ramandeep Yadav ... Gagan

Abrar Zahoor ... Anwar

Tara Singh returns in Gadar 2 Movie, an action blockbuster!

In the past, an Indian truck driver named Tara Singh, along with his wife Sakeena and son Jeete, made a daring escape from Pakistan in 1954. A Pakistani Army General named Hamid Iqbal seeks revenge for their escape and has Ashraf Ali executed for aiding them. Fast forward to 1971, and Tara now supplies goods to an Indian army cantonment while Jeete goes to college in Chandigarh. Tara is asked by Lt. Colonel Devendra Rawat to help supply Indian soldiers during the Indo-Pakistani War. During this mission, Tara is captured by Iqbal, and Jeete, returning from Chandigarh, learns of his father's disappearance and decides to go to Pakistan against everyone's advice.

In Pakistan, Jeete finds help from Tara's friend Gul Khan, gets a job at a hotel, and befriends Kurban Khan's daughter, Muskaan. Jeete discovers that Tara is not in the prison as believed. Tara, on the other hand, resurfaces in Punjab and reunites with Sakeena, revealing he had been in a coma after falling into a stream and being rescued by a Bakarwal tribe. Tara decides to go to Pakistan to rescue Jeete after learning of his capture.

He learns about Jeete's situation, and they escape together, pursued by Iqbal's men. They plan to leave for Balochistan with Kurban Khan's family, including Muskaan, whom Tara accepts as Jeete's bride. However, they are ambushed by Iqbal, leading to a confrontation where Tara defeats Iqbal and escapes with everyone in a battle tank. They reach the Indian border, where Iqbal tries to kill Tara but is saved by Indian soldiers. In the end, Tara, Jeete, Sakeena, and Muskaan are happily reunited.

Gadar 2 Movie – A Star-Studded Cast

Sunny Deol as Tara Singh, Ameesha Patel as Sakeena, Utkarsh Sharma as Charanjeet Singh, and Manish Wadhwa as Hamid Iqbal in lead roles.

It also stars Gaurav Chopra as Lieutenant Colonel Devendra Rawat, Manoj Bakshi as Yahya Khan, Aarya Sharma as General Rani, Simrat Kaur as Muskaan, Luv Sinha as Farid, Rohit Chaudhary as Major Malik, Madhumalti Kapoor as Tayiji, Rakesh Bedi as Kimtilal, Mushtaq Khan as Gulkhan, Dolly Bindra as Samira Khan, Rajshree as Tayiji's daughter-in-law, Naresh Sharma as Tayiji's son, Mushtaq Kak as Kurban Khan, Nilofar Gesawat as Kurban Khan's wife, Akash Dhar as Major Bhargav, Lubna Salim as Pakistani Aunt, Ehsan Khan as Abdul Ali, Anamika Singh as Fauziya, Abrar, Zahoor as Anwar, Anil George as Qazi, Arjun Dwivedi as Jailor, Rajesh Khera as Colonel Nazeer, Rumi Khan as Colonel Farooqui, Muneesh Sappel as Pakistani Minister and Pramod Pandey as Rehmani, among others in supporting roles.

Gadar 2 OTT Release Date

ZEE5 acquired the streaming rights to the movie. You can watch Gadar 2 full movie online on the streaming app on October 06, 2023.

Gadar: Ek Prem Katha vs Gadar 2

The romantic-action drama directed by Anil Sharma, which was released in 2001, is a historical masterpiece that unfolds against the backdrop of India's Partition. The story centers around Tara Singh, a Sikh truck driver from Amritsar. He falls deeply in love with Sakeena, a Muslim girl from a politically influential family in Lahore, Pakistan. Amid the tumultuous backdrop of the Partition, Tara and Sakeena get married and live a happy life. Yet, this joy is fleeting as Sakeena's father compels her to remain in Pakistan, forcibly severing her ties with her own family.

Meanwhile, in Gadar 2 Jeete, the son of Tara and Sakeena undergoes a harrowing ordeal at the hands of a Pakistani army general. Witnessing Jeete's suffering, Tara makes a heartfelt promise to Sakeena that he will do everything in his power to bring their son back. His determination leads him to Lahore, where he takes matters into his own hands, confronting Pakistani army soldiers and engaging in a fierce physical struggle using a sledgehammer.

Gadar 2 – A Box Office Superhit!

Gadar 2 received an IMDb rating of 6.0/10. The action-drama hit theaters on August 11, 2023, and achieved remarkable success, amassing a staggering ₹659.68 crores in global box office earnings.

Frequently Asked Questions About Gadar 2

Q1. Where to watch Gadar 2?

Ans. Gadar 2 will make its digital debut on October 6, 2023, on ZEE5 OTT Platform.

Q2. Who plays the role of Tara Singh in Gadar 2?

Ans. Sunny Deol plays the role of Tara Singh in the movie.

 Q3. Who is the director of Gadar 2?

Ans. Anil Sharma is the director of the Gadar 2 movie.

Q4. Who are the main actors and actresses in Gadar 2?

Ans. Sunny Deol, Ameesha Patel, Utkarsh Sharma, and Hamid Iqbal play lead roles in the war movie.

Q5. Who is Sunny’s son in the movie?

Ans. Actor Utkarsh Sharma plays the roles of Charanjeet Singh, son of Sunny’s character, Tara Singh, and Sakeena, played by Ameesha Patel.

Q6. Who is the villain in Gadar 2?

Ans. Actor Manish Wadhwa will be portraying Hamid Iqbal, the villainous character in Gadar 2.

Q7. Will there be a handpump scene in Gadar 2?

Ans. Yes, the iconic handpump scene is one of the highlights of Gadar 2.

Q8. Which songs of Gadar movie will make a comeback in Gadar 2?

Ans. “Main Nikla Gaddi Leke” and “Udd Jaa Kaale Kaave” are popular songs from Gadar: Ek Prem Katha and have been recreated by music director Mithoon for Gadar 2.

Q9. What genre does Gadar 2 belong to?

Ans. Gadar 2 is an action-drama movie.

Q10. In which language will the movie be available?

Ans. Gadar movie will be available to stream in Hindi. 

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