How Much is An iphone 12 ?

How Much is An iPhone 12?

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Cover Image Of How Much is An iphone 12 ?

the price of an iPhone 12 in India starts at ₹44,999 for the 64GB model and can go up to ₹63,999 for the 256GB model. The price may vary depending on the retailer and the specific model you choose.

It is important to note that the iPhone 12 was released in 2020, and there are newer models available, such as the iPhone 13 and iPhone 14. You may want to consider these newer models before purchasing an iPhone 12.

Here More information about the iPhone 12 in India:

Availability: While still available at some retailers, it might be limited compared to newer models. 

Deals and discounts: You might find better deals and discounts on the iPhone 12 compared to newer models due to its age. Consider searching for refurbished options as well.

Comparison with newer models: As mentioned earlier, newer models like iPhone 13 and 14 offer improved features and performance compared to the iPhone 12. Consider factors like camera upgrades, processing power, and battery life while making your decision.

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