How to Take A Screenshot On iphone 12 ?

 How to Take A Screenshot On iphone 12 ?

Cover Image Of How to Take A Screenshot On iphone 12 ?
Cover Image Of How to Take A Screenshot On iphone 12 ?

To take a screenshot on the iPhone 12, you can use the following steps:


Step 1. Locate the Buttons: 

Identify the side button (previously known as the power or sleep/wake button) on the right side of your iPhone 12.

Step 2. Locate the Volume Up Button: 

Also, locate the volume up button on the left side of your iPhone 12.

Step 3. Press the Buttons Simultaneously: 

Press the side button and the volume up button simultaneously. You should press and release the buttons quickly.

Step 4. Hear the Camera Shutter Sound: 

After successfully pressing the buttons, you should hear a camera shutter sound (if your phone's sound is enabled), and the screen will briefly flash.

Step 5. Check the Screenshot: 

You can check the screenshot by navigating to the Photos app and looking in the "Screenshots" album or in the "All Photos" section.

Remember to press both buttons at the same time and release them quickly. If you have an Apple Watch connected to your iPhone, taking a screenshot on your iPhone will also capture the Apple Watch screen if it's on the same page.

If you're having difficulty taking a screenshot, make sure you're pressing the buttons simultaneously and releasing them quickly. If you're still having issues, you may want to check your iPhone's settings or consult Apple's support resources.

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