How many users can use ULLU App?

 How many users can use ULLU App?

 only one person at a time 

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Introduction About Ullu Platform

Ullu is a Streaming Platform that allows our customers to watch a wide variety of Web Series, Movies and EXCLUSIVE Ullu Shows. You will find every genre in it Like Drama, Horror, Suspense, Thriller and Comedy in Ullu.

Free Trial:

Try us free for First 2 Videos. You can Watch Every Trailer on Ullu Free. This will help you to decide which the Most Exciting Content is for you.
Ullu App Provides Different Variants for Different People Who want to Watch Videos on Ullu.
Watch 24 hours a day.
*Content May differ from Geographical Areas.

Pick your price, pick your plan! Ullu offers Different membership plans to suit your needs.
You Can Choose Any Membership Plan You Want.

Web-Series & Movies:
Ullu members get instant access to great content Worldwide. Ullu has an Exclusive content library featuring originals, Films, Short Film, Various Language Content, Songs, Audio Listing Stories and more. Ullu content will vary by Region, and may change over time.

Ullu platform mostly users coming from android device 
wich is nearly 1cr+ or 10 million 

Here is the screen shot of dowload of ullu app 

Screenshot of Ullu app users who is using ullu android app in android device
Screenshot of Ullu app users who is using ullu android app in android device 

ULLU is good or bad

When you take ULLU APP subscription you 

Got these types 

of Advantage compare to other platform .

If you like 18+ short web series then 

it is good for you.and some of the web series is

 above your exception you can try it out .

But you want to watch family type of web series then 

it is not made for you choose another OTT platform.

Totally, choice is yours 18+(Adult) you want or

 family  type  .

>Flip through trailers to help choose what to 
watch first check

>Personalized content according to your
 geographical location.


>Unlimited HD streaming and downloading 24x7.

>Personalize your membership plan to suit your need.

>Access content anywhere in the world.

>Download videos for offline viewing-on-the-go.

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