I need the contact no of ULLU channel ?

 I need the contact no of the ULLU channel?

Logo Image of ullu app
Logo Image of ullu app

TOLL FREE: 9595 700 400

Being a purely Indian on-demand video streaming app, the Producer of the Ullu App is Vibhu Agarwal. Ullu App boasts 600 hours plus of exhaustive multi-genre programming of Original content, in just 3 years. 

ULLU 2.0 is the group’s latest ultra-high-tech version which has a ‘censor’ filter. 

ULLU Gold will showcase movies/web series starring high-profile actors & directors, while ULLU Silver will focus on low subscription spending and the upcoming ‘RENT-A-MOVIE’ feature has a pay-per-click-per-view AVOD model.

If you want to contact us for any query then you can contact us through this link this link helps you to contact Ullu official or customer care.

ullu contact us

TOLL FREE: 9595 700 400

E-mail - info@ullu.app

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