What Does JavaScript Need To Work On A Website?

What Does JavaScript Need To Work On A Website?

Website Development
Website Development

Two main things are needed for JavaScript to work on a website:

1. A web browser with a JavaScript engine:  

Modern web browsers all come equipped with a JavaScript engine. This engine is responsible for reading and interpreting the JavaScript code that's included in a website.

2. JavaScript code embedded in the webpage: 

The JavaScript code itself needs to be included in the HTML document that makes up the webpage. 

There are two ways to do this:

   Internal Script: 

You can write the JavaScript code directly within the HTML document using the `<script>` tag. 

   External Script:  

For larger or frequently used scripts, it's common to keep the JavaScript code in a separate file with a `.js` extension. This file is then linked to the HTML document using the `<script>` tag with a `src` attribute that specifies the location of the external script.

By working together, the web browser's JavaScript engine and the code written by the developer can create dynamic and interactive web pages. 

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