[ React Native vs React js ] Difference

 React Native vs React js Difference

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React Native and React.js are both JavaScript frameworks developed by Facebook, but they serve different purposes in the realm of web and mobile development. Here are the key differences between React Native and React.js:

1. Platform:

   - React.js (React): It is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces primarily for web applications. It is used for developing the front end of web applications that run in the browser.

   - React Native: It is a framework for building mobile applications using JavaScript and React. It allows developers to use React to build native mobile apps for iOS and Android platforms.

2. Target Environment:

   - React.js (React): Targets web browsers and is used for building web applications.

   - React Native: Targets mobile platforms (iOS and Android) and is used for building mobile applications.

3. Rendering:

   - React.js (React): Uses the virtual DOM to update only the changed parts of the actual DOM, which makes it efficient for web applications.

   - React Native: Uses native components to render UI elements on mobile devices, providing a native look and feel.

4. Components:

   - React.js (React): Components are designed for the web and are based on HTML elements.

   - React Native: Components are specific to mobile development and are based on native mobile UI components.

5. Styling:

   - React.js (React): Styling is usually done using CSS.

   - React Native: Uses a similar styling approach to CSS, but with some differences, and it allows for styling native components.

6. APIs and Libraries:

   - React.js (React): Has a rich ecosystem of libraries and packages for web development.

   - React Native: Has its own set of APIs and libraries that are specific to mobile development, with access to native device features.

7. Development Environment:

   - React.js (React): Can be developed using a standard web development environment (browsers, web servers, etc.).

   - React Native: Requires additional tools and setup for mobile development, and it often involves using emulators or real devices for testing.

8. Code Reusability:

   - React.js (React): Code is generally not directly reusable between web and mobile platforms.

   - React Native: Promotes a high degree of code reusability between iOS and Android platforms, as much of the codebase can be shared.

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